Sheffield Street Trees Legal Fund Continuation 3

Project by Chris Rust
Sheffield Street Trees Legal Fund Continuation 3

Legal Support for the Sheffield Street Trees Campaign

We did it!

On 28th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £9,880 of £5,000 target with 289 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We hit £5000 and then £7000 then £8500 very quickly so we can increase the target. Lawyers are very expensive so however much we get will be needed.

This is a continuation of three previous appeals focused on the claim for injunctions against our campaigners. They did amazingly and had over £24,000 in pledges from over 700 people. Sadly, due to Sheffield City Councils preference for taking legal action rather than talking, we still need more money for legal costs.

Despite the heavy intimidation of the Injunctions secured by SCC there is still stubborn resistance by protestors and this has led to legal threats agains several individuals. Whatever the legal case people have the right to a defence in court and this funding appeal is aimed at ensuring they have that defence.

The fund will be administered by Chris Rust and Rebecca Hammond, as Co-Chairs of Sheffield Tree Action Groups. Banking and accounting services to look after the fund will be provided by the Nether Edge Tree Fund who also look after our current legal funds. The Nether Edge Tree Fund is a legally constituted group separate from other campaign groups in the city, set up to manage moneys collected to help protect and develop our street trees across the city.

All money contributed will be used to meet legal costs and/or court charges incurred by Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) or individuals who are opposing the tree fellings, if they are not eligible for legal aid. Decisions on how to spend the money will be made by the administrators who will seek advice from the STAG steering group. Any money left when there is no further forseeable need for legal funding will be donated to a tree planting project, preferably for street trees in Sheffield.

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