SheepWatch UK

SheepWatch UK

SheepWatch - a community response to dogs chasing and attacking sheep in the UK. Key aim - to raise awareness and research statistics.

We did it!

On 13th May 2017 we successfully raised £57 with 5 supporters in 56 days

SheepWatch is finding ways to reduce the number of sheep being killed and injured by dogs.  But we need help!

An opportunity to help fight the growing number of sheep who are sadly attacked by pet dogs.  Statistics combined with calculated estimates show about 15,000 sheep were ripped apart and killed by dogs in 2016, this does not include those who died later from shock, aborted their lambs, or who died later from injuries - it also does not include the thousands of injuries inflicted.

The only way to tackle this problem is by researching what works (eg signs, fencing, control of dogs, etc etc) and to provide robust and accurate education across the country.

This is a complex issue which does not involve victimizing the dogs, but involves making sure dogs are cared for properly and safely.  Dogs that attack sheep at night are often running free without an owner which is unsafe for the dog, or have escaped from gardens, which means the dog has been left to fend for itself outside the home boundary.  Those running free  during the day are usually untrained, have often lost their owner, are at risk near roads, and other risks also apply.  We need to protect the dogs as well as the sheep by making sure people care for them responsibly.

We are working with the police, NFU, NSA, Kennel Club, Battersea Dogs Home and also DEFRA to tackle this issue but we need your help!

Without funds to print leaflets, or to put up websites or to get to meetings, we are struggling.

Please help us raise funds to:

  • Print an advice leaflet to go to every farmer in the UK
  • Print an advice leaflet for dog owners
  • Research the statistics so we know what helps provide safety for the sheep
  • Gather records about the sheep attacks
  • Put up an advice website
  • Provide other educational tools and research and gather information

Be very aware - the sheep suffer desperately, the dogs suffer desperately, the farmer suffers, the dog owner suffers!

There are NO WINNERS with this problem - we need to find solutions NOW

 At the moment we have already:

  • provided the only records of sheep attacks nationwide.  We did this by asking farmers to fill in report forms when they had an attack and this has given us vital information about how these attacks occur.
  • Linked with the police nationally to pilot methods or recording the numbers of sheep attacked and to look at any updates needed in the present laws.
  • Held a conference to discuss options to work together with other organisations to improve the situation for dogs and sheep

However this will all be wasted if we cannot put what we have learnt into action.

 Find out more at or find us on facebook

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