Shed for Birds family smallholding

Shed for Birds family smallholding

To build a large shed to house turkeys ducks and gueese.before winter comes.Expand business so I can live with my wife and children.

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On 5th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 2 supporters in 56 days

I am English my wife is Russian and we have 2 children William aged 6 and Joanna aged 9 months. We brought a house in a small village in the country four years ago and have worked hard to become self sufficient. This year we have begun to sell strawberry plants and raspberrys in spring and August. We also brought a few turkeys, chickens, tree ducks, Peking and Ukrainian ducks and guesse. We have grown out flock from just a few birds and now have nearly 50 adults for breeding, we want to sell quality meat completely organic and free range this year we have nearly 200 chicks already and by end of summer maybe 500. Due to the extreme cold we desperately need a large shed to house them in the winter,as our tree ducks can't cope living on snow and turkeys are prone to get sick and die when it's below -25c. We have put so much work over 4 years to get this far and if we don't have a suitable shed built before winter it will be disastrous. Please any help will be greatly appreciated, if we can make a living somehow I will be eventually able to live with my wife and children as until now I travel backwards and forwards to London to make money to live having to get a visa each time. Also it will eventually be benifitial locals in our village as we will need to employ people to help in the future. The money raised Will be used to build a large enough place to house the birds, then if we sell them we will build a big green house so we can expand the strawberry business. Already we are probably the only people to have over 50 varieties of strawberrys and 30 odd kinds of raspberries in the state of Chuvashiya, I was unable to bring my family to the UK because of the funds needed to satisfy immigration rules so with a little help I'll be able to live with them there.

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