All women matter when it comes to fashion and self expression and we should all be part of it. We now make a stand for change.

We did it!

On 13th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £85 with 6 supporters in 17 days

Hey guys I have started a crowd funding page to raise money to make 500 SHE t shirts for 500 women to join me on a flashmob fashion walk on 19th February at 2pm which is the week of London fashion week and have ourselves our own fashion cat walk with all different types of women :)

Your donation will get you a one of the tops for you to wear on the day. But feel free to come anyway even if you don't have a top.

We will catwalk from Oxford tube station all the way down regent Street to picadilly circus :)) strutting out hot stuff!!

I would love it if fashion shows and shoots etc included all types of women. As it stands I don't think it's going to change anytime soon unless we choose for it to change.

This project is non profit and all pledges will go towards making the tops and organising the fashion show right on the streets of London.

Press will be invited to document the whole thing and with our big smiles and happy walks i am sure we will make a difference in the long run :)

I have always wanted to model since I was 16 but because I am 5ft 6 I will not be considered for pro fashion and there is nothing I can do about my height but there is something I can do about the industry and this is the beginning of something beautiful ????

I know all kinds of other women who would also love to model but will never even think to dream it or pursue it because of the current standards set. The standards set are perfectly fine if that's what we are all happy with but I like many other women are not happy, we want to be part of it if we choose to and be considered fairly :)

So join me, invite your friends and let's do this, let's make a positive loving change towards the current standards and create our own fashion runway show in fashion week.

It'll be fun and life changing and you can be part of it. Thank you :)

We can do it so let's show each other and the world that when we come together we can make and do anything we want.....more importantly let's show it to ourselves.

I only have two weeks to raise the money and print the tops so the quicker we can get to the target the better so help me help us and change things.

Much love ❤ #londonfasionweek #lfw


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