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We are raising money to cover the cost of a She Leads coordinator who will be responsible for session planning, delivering, and mentoring.

by Robert Horton in London, England, United Kingdom

The She Leads project is about providing young people with the tools to be successful adults, both in terms of their careers and personal lives. To do this we are going to approach the project from two perspectives: the athlete and the junior leader.

Our athletes participate in gymnastics and cheerleading. Living in Newham, a place with many social and economic issues that regularly make the press, it is important to us that they are exposed to positive role models who have come from severe hardships but have found success through hard work and self-belief: Simone Biles being a perfect example of this. 

We will deliver:

  • A ‘woman of the month’ each month over the course of the next year, each coming from a different background and discipline to show our young people that our destinies really are in our own hands and we can achieve if we’re willing to put the work into it.
  • 10 specific talks across our different age groups. This will include: how can I succeed as an athlete, bullying, online safety, respecting your bodies, mental health, appreciating your talents, among others. We understand that content will be dictated by age but we are dedicated to giving our young people the opportunity to thrive and for this to happen, self-awareness is key.
  • We also plan to have guests come in and speak to our young people, including local people who find success and well as industry professionals. Alongside this, we plan to take our athletes to landmarks around London that are famous due to the actions and beliefs of women. We want them to be able to understand that they are just as capable of creating positive impacts as anyone else.

The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) is about the long terms sustainability of the programme so it can keep supporting Newham’s young people. Through this programme we aim to:

  • Provide over 1,700 volunteer hours over the next year to young people, by young people.
  • Deliver 10 workshops that are industry specific that in turn will create further employability opportunities in the future.
  • Facilitate qualification opportunities.

Overall, this will benefit Newham residents because we are working with young people to be better versions of themselves, in turn contributing to community life in a positive way.

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