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by Josie West in Redfield, England, United Kingdom

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Help us create the right environment, virtually and physically, to connect, inspire and grow the global wave of women in Extreme sports!

by Josie West in Redfield, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Building the community and the platform is step 1 in a long old journey. We need to drive the energy globally and starting in the UK, we want to host the first female focused extreme sports events and festivals to encourage the home grown incredible riders.

If we hit our target we will start with number one on our list, to create 3 large scale UK events next year that showcase the best in female talent.

A Skateboard Jam - A Wakeboard Show - A Kiteboard Challenge

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Where it all started.

When I became a Kiteboarding Instructor, there was this golden thread in many women's approach to learning the sport. We take time, focus on the detail, analyse it - often over analyse it - follow it with emotion and focus so much more on the style and technique as oppose to the speed and strength. It naturally comes with emotion and fear and once you get through it, the riding style of women is unique; finesse, elegance, beauty and perfection in their riding. The definition of define femininity.

"...[Extreme Sports] a competitive activity within which the participant is subjected to natural or unusual physical and mental challenges." Dr. Rhonda Cohen (2012)

Fear. A mental challenge. The definition of extreme sports.

What was crazy, was so often there was a shame to that fear and emotion that meant many found it hard to get through it.. I could see people hiding it, denying it maybe. It made me think, we should be proud of it? Ready to face it!

As my riding progressed, I was ready to take the leap into a new level of capability. I needed inspiration, someone to look to that rode like me, attacked a trick like me and celebrated like me. It was hard to find.

The lack of women in extreme sports, not only means a low representation in the industry making it hard to drive for equality, but it means a lack of inspiration for those on their way up.

In order to change the conversation, we need to push up from the bottom and reach down from the top.

What we will do.

We have created a web-based and mobile community platform that will geographically connect riders, sponsors and every woman thinking about, starting, progressing or competing in any extreme sport.

  • Connecting you with friends
  • Connecting you with instructors
  • Connecting you with sponsors

Whilst many industry players try (often tirelessly) to grow the number of women starting, supporting and competing in adventure sports; what is often forgotten is the power of the female community. Opening competitions and special offer lessons is not enough. We need to create an environment that makes everything easy. Easy to reach out for advise, easy to offer support, easy to connect with those who might be thinking the same thing and easy to become someone who leads the way.

If we grow from the bottom by making it easy and inspire from the top by sharing our stories - these industries won't be talking about change anymore, they will have to change as we've created the demand.

Let's create the energy for an equal playing field in the Extreme Sport industry. 

The platform will allow members to view activity at their local spot, ask others about what to expect, arrange meet ups, learn together virtually, share stories of adventure and connect advanced riders with the sponsors they need to become a champion.

It is our belief that in order to get more women participating and succeeding in extreme sports and for the industry to recognise the worth of female competitors, we need to create an environment that makes it impossible to give up.

With your support, She Flies will do just that.

How we will use the funding.

As a not-for-profit, funding is key to develop our vision. We can't do anything without a community and we need the funding to both develop a faultless, easy to use and fit for purpose platform, as well as the promotion required to bring in members. 

Earlier this year we released #SheFliesTheMovie which brought incredible attention to the She Flies brand, with 2k views in less than 24 hours.

Sign on merchandise, 100+ global discounts, trips and adventures are all planned and ready - we just need to reach the people that are hungry for it.

As we grow, our forecasts start to take shape and we can reach the community out there. We want every women thinking about, starting or progressing in an extreme sport to know She Flies will help them get there and this platform is step number 1.

What are our rewards?

We have some AMAZING rewards - check out the list on this page; TShirts, Changing Robes, Trips - here are some images to whet your appetite, or you can see more on our website !

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  • Get a Custom Extreme Sports Illustration of a beautiful friend or a treat for yourself for just £55

And LOADS more - so check it all out on the right hand side and pledge pledge pledge!


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Wakeboard, Yoga & Glamping Weekend ~ May 2020

A UK Wakeboard, Yoga and Glamping weekend. This trip is for you whatever your level, even if you've never even touched a Wakeboard. We have pizza nights, movie nights and a jam packed weekend. Waking up with a fresh and refreshing breakfast as a team, our days are a combination of morning Yoga and Wakeboarding focusing on our progression as a group with our awesome instructor who will always create the right environment to push yourself

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Sri Lanka Kiteboard and fitness retreat in Feb '20

Join us in the Kiteboarding paradise Sri Lanka between 15th and 21st Feb for 6 days of fitness and kiteboarding to progress your riding in a safe and collaborative environment!

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Egypt Kiteboard Safari w/ Pro Rider Paula Novotna

Define ‘breath-taking’ onboard this 7 day Kiteboard Safari in Egyptian Paradise - with our friend and 3rd World Champion, Paula Novotna. We will fill each day with a new & incredible Red Sea Kitesurf spots with our experienced crew on our private yacht, enjoy sunset sessions, a guided downwinder and learn from a world class rider. You will form solid friendships, set your own pace and Kiteboarding goals. (please note intermediate riders only)

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