Shaving our hair off

by Sammie Shelton in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Shaving our hair off


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On the 27th of January 2021 me and my sister will be shaving our hair off to help support our mum who has breast cancer

by Sammie Shelton in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

On the 11th November 2020 our mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. What was meant to be a routine Mammogram which she should of attended in March, but due to Coronavirus got pushed back. The doctors contacted mum to come in for some biopsies and an ultrasound. The results came back and the news was told that she has Breast Cancer. On the 11th December mum went in for her operation to remove the Cancer and check the Lymph Nodes if it had spread to there. Being told throughout that it would be Radiotherapy, on the 24th December when we went to go see the consultant for results we was told she would have to have Chemotherapy. This completley broke our mum, having seen her so strong throughout that she was now facing her worst enemy. 

So we are currently waiting on a CT Scan and then she will start the Chemotherapy.

To support her and know she won't be going through this alone, both Sammie And Francesca will be shaving their hair off to help raise money for an amazing charity that will be supporting mum to help her battle this awful disease.

Not only the ladies will be taking part but the lads will be too! Jordan, Jamie & Justin will be braving the shave too!

Breast Cancer is one of the most common Cancers in which their is no age limit where it can start. Please, if you feel something suspicious or your breasts don't look like they usually should... Please get them checked out!

Let's make 'Shaving our hair off' happen

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