Shaving my head to help Jodie

Shaving my head to help Jodie

Raising money for Jodie and the family as she can't work and has her carers allowance stopped

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £465 with 24 supporters in 28 days

Steve had testicular cancer and had his testicle removed then two years later got neurological symptoms.

His eyes are now paralysed and permantly look up, he has double vision, and immense pain  

He then got cancer in the stomach which caused an extremely rare immunological response (paraneoplastic syndrome) where the brain recognises there are foriegn cells in the body and tries to attack them. Even though his cancer is now gone  this response  continues to attack the brain.

It has led to limbic encephalitis, brainstem and cerrebellar damage.

Nobody normally survives condition longer than 6 months so there is little research into the condition.

His seizures started at christmas and after 5 medications at once Steve ended up in ICU being incubated and sedated to give his brain a rest, he came off support with more high medication but his brain is worsening over time and meds can't keep up with it.

He has now lost all use of right hand, balance, most of vision and is on a lot of medication to control seizures.

Jodie, Steve's wife, amazingly looks after both of their children.  Charlie is 9 years old and Ruby 3 years old.  Ruby has never  known her Dad being well.

Steve is now in hospital permantly with little hope of coming home.  Jodie has lost all her carers allowance and has no way of working as she visits Steve everyday and has Charlie and Ruby to look after when not at Steve's bedside.

I want to help the family have the best Christmas they can so I have committed to grow a moustache and shave head to help them.

Please help me raise as much money as I can to help them.

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