Beard and hairline grooming stencil

Beard and hairline grooming stencil

Designing a handsfree adaptable facial stencil which enables the user to define their beards, sideburns and hair lines in perfect symmetery

We did it!

On 30th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £140 with 9 supporters in 28 days

DefSymmetry simply stands for "definition symmetry".

The funding is for the prototyping and design of the first of two products, which would enable people accurately detail their hairlines and beards in order to achieve symmetry which is sometimes difficult to achieve when you visit your barber or hair dresser.

As every man knows, a good barber is hard to come by, and even then barbers have off days when their work lacks that perfection you come to see them for, and is usually followed by a sinking feeling when you walk out of the barber shop knowing you have to wait till your hair line or beard grows back to attempt to get it right again. That is where our products would come into play. It will be a hands free modular facial stencil which can be adjusted to suit a plethora of face shapes, to enable you achieve perfect symmetry every time you detail your beard, side burns, or hairline and also enable to achieve results you are happy with every time, in other words, your favourite barber would be YOU!

It is going to be quite an interesting journey, so be part of it! 

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