Sharing the Planet in the Anthropocene

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Good Works Publishing (GWP), like the Schumacher Institute, is inspired by the work of E. F Schumacher. His Small is Beautiful, first published in 1973, is justly world famous for its innovative thinking, practical wisdom and deep concern to create a socially just and ecologically regenerative world.Good Works is committed to widening the debate through very reasonably priced and engaging texts. Good Works is uniquely placed to do this as we draw on the internationally recognised approach to radical systems thinking and action of the Schumacher Institute.

Good Works is embarking on an exciting and ambitious project to renew and update Schumacher’s ideas and values for the 21st century. We are publishing a range of titles addressing the key themes of environmental sustainability, ecological thinking, transition, economic democracy, new technology, practical action, justice and equality. Humans are now the major force affecting our planet - we are in the Anthropocene era of the Earth. So far we are making a mess of it!

GWP’s first title is Sharing the Planet in the Anthropocene: action policy and politics an edited collection due out in April 2016. The book explores the idea and reality of the Anthropocene. The book asks what it means for us now and and what we need to do to secure the future for all living creatures on the Earth. It discusses the challenges and provides visionary thinking about the key tasks, actions and practices necessary for all of us to restore and share the planet equitably and harmoniously.

Contributors include experienced sustainability practitioners, political activists, business people, academics and significant thought leaders. Their aim is to widen the debate in an informed but accessible manner that invites further thought and debate. The contributors are also suggesting ways in which everyone can become proactive agents of necessary change.

Sharing the Planet in the Anthropocene both challenges and counters mainstream thinking in a way no other publication has done to date, looking at radical and joined-up solutions. We want to make this available to the maximum numbers of people at low cost in both paper and digital form.

We ask you to support us to publish this book, challenge mainstream thinking and provide visions for new ways forward.

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