Sharing 'Converstations With God'

Sharing 'Converstations With God'

My vision is to create workshops in my community to share the message of love, inspire hope and contribute to living in a peaceful world.

We did it!

On 8th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £800 of £800 target with 14 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If I am blessed to recieve support above my target I will use it for further developing my spiritual work. I plan to apply for an Interfaith Minister Course this year which will enable me to offer qualified spiritual counselling services. This will tie in perfectly will the workshops I will be running focused on spiritual growth. The course requires a £125 application fee and I am attending an introduction meeting in London prior to the course starting so the remaining funds will help towards my travel. Thank you again.

It is my purpose to share the messages within the book series 'Conversations with God' written by Neale Donald Walsch and I would love to create workshops in my community with those who feel drawn to their spiritual growth and living a more peaceful life.

I have the opportunity to attend a free 3 day retreat with Neale Donald Walsch himself and this is an opportunity I know I must grasp. I have imagined meeting the author and sharing his work since I first read the book only last year on my holiday in Bali. The message resonated strongly with me and I couldnt wait to read book two of the series. In perfect synchronicity the book was waiting for me in a tiny section of the second hand Mind, Body and Spirit section of the Ganesha book shop opposite my hotel.

This idea came to me as a solution to fund my travel and accomodation for the retreat, I knew I had to follow my instinct and put my idea out there. I have asked for an all or nothing contribution as at the moment it is for a fixed event taking place between 18-20 March 2016 rather than an ongoing project. This means if I dont reach the target, backers will recieve a full refund. The price of accomodation for my 5 night stay is £306.10 and flights to Medford, USA are between £500-£700.

The retreat will inspire me to live my life purpose and bring home messages to share with all those who are drawn to learning more about the laws of the universe, gods love and our connection to all that is. I will also share my inspirations with you in my blog

My mission is to inspire hope that peace of mind is possible and to contribute to living in a more peaceful world for all.

Your generosity and support for this important work will be recieved gratefully and will demonstrate your support and contribution to the wider purpose of peace. Even if you dont feel able to help financially, your words of support and sharing this with others who also may be able to help will go a long way.

Whatever cause you choose to contribute to I encourage you to follow your heart. My purpose here is a gentle enquiry as to whether anyone would like to support my vision of bringing people together to share and inspire peace.

A small act of generosity really does go a long way in the world.

In the past I would have let fear of failure or judgement stop me pursuing my idea but I have learnt to have the courage to follow my heart, knowing my intention comes from a place of love and my desire to live my life purpose and serve others in a meaningful way. Thank you.


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