Shared Film/TV/Web Company that will help others

by Dave. in London, England, United Kingdom

Shared Film/TV/Web Company that will help others
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Making a difference with TV/FILM/WEB projects. Create real meaningful content, stories , bring together creative people and share with all.

by Dave. in London, England, United Kingdom

Thanks for taking time to check out my page. Firstly, I think this site is wonderful tool to help those who need help in difficult times. Secondly, I'm here because I really need a ‘hand-up’ I need some financial support to build an amazing creative media company that will give me the ability to help others once its set up, it’s a media company that will have a element of pure escapism, entertaining but also ethical and moral backbone and will deal with issues that most media/film companies overlook. I’m shocked today with the constant bombardment of 'Reality trash TV' and Films that have no moral values, just empty brainwashing that is designed to sell merchandise and keep people from thinking. I have noticed a vast rise in Websites/Web Apps that only care for monetary gain, not offer support or help, they just want your personal details so they can profit from your data and sell it to the highest bidder, no ethics to their business practises, it’s wrong on every level and I want to eliminate this with the websites I want to develop.

I still want to be a creative force, a TV/Film maker /producer. The amount I set on this campaign is an estimate based the costs of opening a Film/Web company in today's competitive market, but I kept my estimates as low as possible (average cost to open a film office/ wed design office in London is £150K plus, it is a very professional competitive market) my main aim is that I manage things on small scale first and build up over time. The funds would go towards simple needful things like buying new computer/purchasing professional film writing software (Final Draft 10 , professional Story boarding software , Film editing software and web site design software with reference books) I’d like to start some courses in website design and writing to enhance my creative writing. The best outcome would be to have funds where I can pay in advance - 2 years rent of a small office space ( London is renting office space with 24 month lease contracts, so this is minimum term needed) I’d like to buy some basic furniture for the office - desk/chair/cabinet, basic needs of the office so I can freely work 24/7 from all distraction and begin my writing and creating on a more professional level and have a place to show my work to others, hold meetings with people, pitch ideas to potential investors and media companies. The office will be open to Donors, anyone who donates will be welcomed to visit once it is set up for chat/drink/biscuits.

I want to create new positive original meaningful content for TV/Film/Books (absolutely no reality trash - original designed content only, new ideas with a fresh twist) also develop some personal website projects/web apps that currently do not exist on the market. The more funds I get the more possibilities I would have in hiring and developing a design team (my wish is to employ ethical and morally creative people who will understand we are not just about money but about creativity and giving back, people from all diverse backgrounds and communities will be welcomed to share their talent) the funds would greatly help towards the costs of the business needs - design , research, development, location etc, all money invested will lead to more ideas coming to life and shared. I managed to find some old scans of my past drawings from a Wolverine comic story I completely wrote and drew, to a fantasy film I was developing for cinema and some animated movies I had in mind

My art and story works are centred on stories that will reflect human relations, ideas and beliefs, so we can relate to them at whatever age. I'm not world’s best artist, but I do like to create characters and would look to hire creative artists to enhance the process. I aim to produce original content for Films/TV series for - Netflix/Amazon, channels that welcome new ideas and create new websites that would be accessible for web users around the world. The websites would ideally be free from adverts, the information we create on websites can be shared freely and help those who want to learn, its websites that connect people, not divide them or alienate them from other users.

If I reach my fund goal and we have grown enough to generate a service where we can fund  and support other creative people, develop their projects/ideas into something real in a media form, it would be something we would be committed to strive for.  I believe it’s very important to give creative people of all communities an opportunity to be represented in the Media world. I want to create a special programs devoted to talented creative people who have stories to share and show them how to make it possible.

I know, I’m asking for a lot of support with funds, it wasn't easy for me to come here as a complete stranger and ask for help as a friend. I was deeply embarrassed and reluctant to be here, I've never had any help before or asked for it, but since banks won’t help me with loans to set up a office and I have no credit facilities to speak off, I saw no alternative. Even if I get half the funds asked, it will give me the platform to begin and that alone would be a fantastic boost. I have say it’s disheartening when you have so many great ideas that you truly believe can benefit so many people but banks and financial institutions are not interested, because they see no profit in them. That said, I still do my best to remain positive and I hope great people on this site sees my potential and supports me in my journey.

Please be kind enough to share my campaign on your FB, Twitter, linked in, Instagram etc. I would be very glad for your extra efforts in sharing my campaign, the more people who you can connect and support on my behalf, the more I will accomplish with the funds and more I can give back and share with others who too need help. All donations will be sincerely welcomed, no amount is too small, just give what you feel is right. I will be most grateful for your support at every step of the way, it really will make a difference and I won’t let you down for your kindness. Finally I have added a voice message, it’s me speaking, so you can be reassured I’m real person and not some bot, please follow the link, it’s a free program site called 'VOCAROO' 100% safe to use, its sites like this I like, it gives me the wonderful opportunity to share my story in a pre-recorded voice message, please follow the link ( highlighted in blue below) I do believe its important to share more and if you do wish to contribute towards my campaign, then its worthwhile you listen to my voice message link below first and then make a decision.


Thanks for sharing time with me and listening to my voice message. Feel free to leave feedback on my campaign, all messages will be read and replied too....Live with passion. and never give up on your dreams.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward for your support

Acknowledge the donation with a special thank you page, name of donor on the website of the Film/TV/Web company we design, so they are always recognised for being part of building blocks of the company, photo of the Donor can be added with Donors permission and special Thank you email/letter sent.

£75 or more

£75 Reward

This pledge includes the first reward of £10, in addition to that, When the first Film or first TV series is finally made by our company, we will add the Donors name at the end of the credit roll with a special 'THANK YOU' so in essence being immortalised on Film/TV. Nothing is nicer than sharing this with friends and family, you will be able to show them and tell them you made a difference and helped us grow, we want your support known to all.

£150 or more

0 of 75 claimed

£ 150 Reward

This pledge includes the first 2 rewards of £10 & £75 in addition to that, we will give special access to this donor via our website, they can see future projects (password protected ) being developed on the special access zone we will show teasers, ideas, art, script work and bonus film/tv extra's that no one else will be privy to, this will be for passionate individuals, we will share our vision with and welcome their opinions, input and ideas

£250 or more

0 of 45 claimed

£ 250 Reward

This pledge includes the first 3 rewards of £10 - £175 then addition to that if any of our first Film /TV series has a special event at the office or at some organised location (around UK for now), we will offer VIP invite to this donor to the event and meet/greet them personally - food & drinks will be provided. At the end of the night they will get a gift bag of our company related goodies for them to take home and group photos for memories.

£500 or more

0 of 35 claimed

£ 500 Reward

This pledge includes the first 4 rewards of £ 10 - £250 in addition to that, we will offer a slot to the donor to play a role in any TV or Film we produce/develop, the role is not determined right now but more than likely a 'Guest appearance' or 'Extras role' that will be added to the IMDB, so they can show family and friends they were actually in the TV/Film project. This is great for those who always wanted to be in a film or TV series.

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