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by Dudley Anderson in Stourport On Severn, England, United Kingdom

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We need your support to reach out to people around the world, to share the good news and offer hope.

by Dudley Anderson in Stourport On Severn, England, United Kingdom

How often have you walked down the road and noticed a penny in the gutter?

Did you stop to pick it up?

I'm sure that we've all walked past a penny before and ignored it. 

Yet what if that penny could literally change someones life?

Our radio programmes have a target audience of 300 million people - at just £848 per month to run we can potentially reach over 3500 people per penny.

Sure Reality Media (or SRM) 

exists to help spread a real message of faith, hope and love to a world inundated with so called, fake news. To this end, the ministry produces positive Christian radio programmes that are broadcast on-air by stations around the world and podcast online. We also produce Christian motivational literature in the form of weekly devotionals, that are published via email and online blogs.

Our Vision:

To develop a Christian faith-based media company, including written content, radio content and television content, to propagate the Christian message of faith, hope and love through a real relationship with God.

Our Mission:

To make a real difference by interacting, impacting and influencing people to be real followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Work and Impact:

Sure Reality Media products currently include 3 radio segments, 3 books and a weekly email devotional. The programmes produced by SRM are broadcast on-air by 19 radio stations, worldwide and podcast online at

Since its inception, SRM has developed three radio segments. These include:

• The Reality

• God-tracking with Dudley

• Sixty-Second GodTracker

One of the radio stations currently airing ‘The Reality’ is an American missionary radio station based in Lusaka, Zambia that brings the message of faith, hope and love to millions of people across central Africa. Whilst it is very difficult to know the exact figures for our listenership across Africa, we do know that shortwave radio reaches even the most remote villages. We know this in part because we get positive responses to our shows. Over the years, I have received listener letters and emails from young and old, sharing the most intimate details of their lives with me and asking for my prayers and encouragement.

Due to the size of Africa, the infrastructure and the socio-economic challenges that many people face, huge numbers of people are geographically isolated. The quality and quantity of individuals’ social relationships has been linked not only to mental health but also to both morbidity and mortality.

Chronic feelings of subjective social isolation have an increased mortality risk comparable to high blood pressure, lack of exercise, obesity, or smoking, and can actually accelerate the ageing process (Cacioppo and Patrick 2008; House, Landis and Umberson 1988).

“Poverty means being lonely…and not being able to get other things because you are lonely.” (Woman, South Africa).

A study undertaken by York University in partnership with WaveLength (Charity no. 207400) looked at the impact of media technology on social isolation. They provided 7 organisations that worked with people who were homeless, or otherwise socially isolated, with a range TVs, radios and tablets. They found that all of the devices helped reduce feelings of isolation and that listening to the radio particularly produced feelings of company and companionship and provided a sense of connection to the outside world. In addition to reducing feelings of isolation the radio was also credited with reducing physical isolation by informing people about local activities and events and providing conversation points with others ( 

‘Social contacts constitute an elementary human need, are a considerable source of support and prove necessary for the integration and mutual commitment of people in society’. (Hortulanus, Machielse, and Meeuwesen 2006).

Fortunately, at least 75% of households in developing countries have access to a radio. Radios, are the most accessible form of communication technology, covering over 70% of the world’s population. AM/FM radio counts for 86% of the total time adults aged 25-54 spend listening. AM/FM radio is heard by a variety of decision influencers with 43% of respondents aged 25 to 54 saying they listen with their children and 38 % listen with their spouse or partner. (Source:

SRM not only connects with people via the radio. We also produce a weekly Christian e-mail devotional called, GodTracker, which provides a source of encouragement to thousands of readers on weekly basis. GodTracker was launched in 2003.

Why we need your help

We need your support to reach out to more people, to share the good news and offer hope. Please consider making a contribution towards our work. 

There is a great need for quality Christian radio content, especially in developing nations.
Christianity has been recognised as having a positive impact on sub-Saharan Africa, introducing education that focuses on holistic human development and medical advances that have improved the health of those who live in the region (M J Manala 2013 The impact of Christianity on sub-Saharan Africa Studia Hist. Ecc. vol.39 n.2 Pretoria).

SRM is fast gaining a reputation for high quality audio production and relevant programme content. It is the intention of the company to build personal relationships with as many Christian radio/media outlets as possible. The potential is enormous. For instance, one of the stations currently airing the programme, The Reality has a target audience of 300 million people.

Sure Reality Media is currently run voluntarily by myself and members of my family. I am the main producer and writer for SRM.

It currently costs £275 per month for me to run Sure Reality Media, though we would like to air our programmes on two further outlets which will cost an additional £573 per month.

In addition to this my family and I spend around 100 hours per month on Sure Reality Media producing the shows and delivering them.

What we will do with your funding:

Within the next 12 months SRM hopes to:

• Employ one part-time staff member to help produce our radio shows

• Expand its partnership with more radio stations

• Link up with online Christian radio programme providers

• Develop its online presence

• Develop its literature publication arm

In addition to this we believe in tithing. Therefore, we to donate 10% of our income to other Christian charities. So far, we have aligned with a charity in South Africa called, Boithuto Community Project in the Jackson Informal Settlement on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

Boithuto Community Project was founded to provide the children of Jackson with a safe place to go in the afternoons, receive a meal and stay off the streets. The project has grown to feed up to 160 children and 45 elderly every day. They also run a project building houses for the elderly, as well as distributing grocery parcels to elderly folk. They have a desire to see this project grow into skills development to equip people to help sustain themselves. More information at


We hope that YOU can see the value in our work and will support us to deliver the Christian message to as many people as we can reach.

For once, every penny really does help.

If you have any questions for us or would like to find out more about our work then we would welcome the opportunity to start a dialog with you.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

£35 Reward

Donate £35 and receive a copy of God-tracking Through the Year - year one. The Bible tells us that God knows the plans he has for us. In order to walk according to God's plans we need to be ready to seek and track his purposes on a daily basis. This book is a selection of 52 weekly thoughts to help us remain in God’s will by tracking his plans and purposes for our lives.

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