Share Shop Chester

Share Shop Chester

Share Shops will buy derelict houses and refurb them in to homes for the homeless in that city! Please help us setup.

We did it!

On 8th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £1,962 with 31 supporters in 28 days


WITH YOUR HELP Share Shop Chester will be the first of many Charity Shops with a twist! Each Share Shop will be devoted to raising enough money to buy derelict houses which will be converted in to homes for the homeless in that location.

SHARE stands for; Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere. We are a group of local people and local businesses that like many, saw the dead body of 3 year old Alyan Kurdi lying on the beach in the Med on our TV screens, we all felt that we had to act quickly if we had any chance of helping these children and families, we were brought together by Flintshire County Council and were provided with a 4000 sq ft warehouse to collect, sort and dispatch aid from, we have had a huge impact, so far we have setup a huge movement of volunteers who collect, deliver, sort and pack aid, we have sent two groups of volunteers to Greece to help the refugees on the frontline and we have sent over 11,000 items of aid and continue to do so. But we didn't just want to help the refugees, we want to help the homeless people on our local streets right here in the UK! And what better way to help them than to get them off the streets once and for all by giving them a place to call home, help to find a job and the chance of a much better life.

It is our vision to set up Share Shops in every town or city in the UK that has a homeless problem. But to get off the ground we need your help to fund the set up of the very first Share Shop which with your help will be located in the City of Chester. 

Each Share Shop will offer fashionable clothes, cool gifts, gadgets, toys, as well as Tea & Coffee and something else... Suspended Coffee. Suspended Coffee is a hot drink that you can buy for a homeless person or someone who can't afford it or even someone who hasnt got the right money! It's a way of 'Paying it forward', a way of spreading kindness in the local community. It makes you feel a warm glow inside and gives the other person the feeling that someone out there cares about them. Each week any Suspended Coffee's that are left on the thank you board will be poured and taken to the local homeless shelter. 

Each Share Shop will pay a peppercorn rent, this is when a charity pays a small figure per month to the landlord to occupy a shop which would otherwise be left vacant, the landlord does this as it saves them having to pay the rates and as a registered charity, Share Shops will be rate free. 

Please help fund our first Share Shop in Chester, from there on each shop will fund the next, so the takings from the Chester Share Shop will fund the setup of the Wrexham Share Shop and the Wrexham Share Shop will fund the Liverpool Share Shop and so on... until Share Shops are in every town and city with a homeless problem. Once the first shop has enabled the second shop to open, all the money generated will be used to buy derelict houses in the area, we will then use local trades and local businesses to refurb the houses into homes, but we wont stop there, we will work with the new house guests to try to find them employment and try to give them support, confidence and a chance at a much better life.

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