Share & Care for Orphaned Children

Share & Care for Orphaned Children

The aim is solidarity with the problems facing orphans through fundraising from musical concerts with volunteer artists and create awareness

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Leadership Development Association Albania & Kosovo (LDA) organizes a charity concert for orphaned children in Tirana. At the concert will perform new artists in music tracks and instruments. All incomes from the concert will be donated to the orphaned children in Tirana.

Objective: We are aware of the residential situation of children who are staying in social care centers but also those who live in minimal conditions with families in rural areas. The organization of this musical concert aims to help precisely this issue that affects us all, as a wound of society and requires our attention. The aim is solidarity with the problems facing orphans and those who have a minimal economic stage through rehabilitation and aids that can be generated by income generation through this charity activity.

Activity: This musical concert will open with the performance of a musical band that will perform various musical parts during the concert. The concert will take place in the premises of the Amphitheater of Tirana near Tirana Artificial Lake. In addition to the proceeds that will be collected from ticket sales, three boxes will be placed in which the participants can contribute to help these children. These will remain available to the participants throughout the activity.
Prior, during and after the "Leadership Development Association Albania and Kosovo" event, 3 (three) special boxes will be set up in some areas of the city where persons who wish to benefit from the ticket free of charge and on the other hand help in the framework To improve this social problem like poverty to have the opportunity to donate as much as can clothes, books, toys.

The concert will bring to the Albanian public the fragrance of the most classical music, with a brilliant repertoire of Albanian lands and the most beautiful arias of world music.

Funds collected from tickets and donations intended for orphaned children in Tirana.

Vision: To implement this Charity Concert in all Cities and Rural areas of Albania