Shaping the future of recruitment with HireX

by David Rundell in United Kingdom

Shaping the future of recruitment with HireX


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HireX - The Hiring Revolution is re-inventing the talent acquisition experience. At the heart of HireX lies our smart AI Technology.

by David Rundell in United Kingdom


Founded in 2018, HireX is built by practitioners within recruitment and finance technology, and is uniquely positioned to understand the requirements and implement the service. The global recruitment market is characterised by several large public companies, and many smaller independent operations. Many of the independent operators are quite niche in terms of verticals and geographic focus.


There are many platforms which offer ‘job-board’ style functionality, however, comparatively few attempt to change the way that the market operates.

Recruitment today is: 

- Fragment by sector and geography focused. 

- Commercially difficult, expensive, and risky to scale.

- Manual, frustrating inefficient human-centric processes

- Limited reach

- Very high levels of competition combined with few differentiating opportunities

- Both hiring companies and applicants agree that improvement is required

- Costs are too high for the service delivered

Today's model


Tomorrow's model - The gold arc, bridging the divide

Today's model - What is the gold arc?

HireX’s peer-to-peer, subscription-based model is very unusual, and is further differentiated by its approach which places candidates in control of the initial contact process, whilst automating many aspects of the traditional research cycle.


The company sees an enormous opportunity to drive change and cost reduction by the elimination of human- centric processes, which currently constrain scalability. 

How does it work?

Platform features:

Hiring Manager Management

- Applicant Tracking System automates most manual work. Manage your applicant portfolio with ease by tracking applicants across all your requirements.    

Candidate Management

- Use advanced algorithms to reach the candidates who match, control the matching level, and avoid applicants who do not fit your requirements. Find similar candidates using HX Match.

Smart Candidate Matching

- At the heart of HireX lie our advanced algorithms which massively accelerate your research, giving you the edge. You are in control and you get the candidates you need - fast. 

Job Management

- Specify matching probability levels for each job and directly contact candidates that match using HX Direct.

Monetisation strategy

HireX offers B2B revenue streams targeted at both private and public organisations, via a subscription based model and white-labelling licences.

Use of Proceeds

We will use this funding round to help accelerate our growth to make HireX the go-to platform for hiring companies and candidate worldwide. 

The proceeds raised will focus on three main activities:

- Continue the development of our website to go-live stage

- Marketing and Business Development activities to increase member take-up

- Research and development of our smart AI Technology

The Team

David Rundell - Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

David has over 25 years of experience in Financial Markets IT, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, and has managed technology for the FX, Equity and Fixed Income businesses at several international banks in Europe and Asia. Most recently, he was at Standard Chartered Bank, where he was responsible for Equity Technology and Operations, building-out the platform across Asia, based in Hong Kong. A UK citizen, David holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Birmingham, UK. LinkedIn

Marie Brown - Chief of Operations

A Irish citizen, Marie is a entrepreneur and founder of an award-winning specialised search firm, supplying top IT personnel and recruitment professionals within Asia-Pacific markets. It was during this time that the brainchild HireX was born. Marie headed the operational reconstruction and assisted with the development of the online recruitment platform. LinkedIn

Ryan Brown - Chief Technology Officer

An Irish citizen, Ryan is a technology evangelist who loves to innovate whilst designing business solutions. His early experience in the cutting-edge world of interactive computer gaming led him to apply his skills. Ryan is responsible for all the user-experience software across all the company’s platforms. LinkedIn


Debt, Liabilities, and Third-Parties

There is no debt, there are no current liabilities.

Intellectual Property

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£25 reward or more

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