Shanti's Merry Christmas

Shanti's Merry Christmas

Help 350 of children from shanti town zones receive Christmas gifts to transform their school learning: books, pencils, pens, instruments.

We did it!

On 18th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £915 with 18 supporters in 28 days

The Shanti Community Animation Movement is a non sectarian, non profit & non political voluntary Social Service Organisation based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  It empowers children and youth and supports the sick and elderly.  It steps up in times of war or natural disaster.  'Shanti' means 'peace' and the programmes run here are offered to those who need it most and is non-judgemental.  

Regular programmes include the nutrition programme (providing basic nutritional needs to pre-schoolers), elders programme (offering comfort, food and medicine to elderly community), education programme (offering pre-school and after school enhancement learning), and mothers and women programme (providing vital skills training and support).  

Following the tragic tsnami disaster in 2004,  Shanti set up various re-building projects across the country and provided nutrition and housing support for families.   After the nation was deeply affected by civil war,  Shanti set up various peace-building projects with a focus on resiliance training and victim support.  

The organisation and it's vital resource centre is in danger of closing.  Sadly, government restrictions and cuts from various funders mean that Shanti's future is very uncertain.   The work carried out at Shanti has touched the lives of so many local communities, but also an international community of volunteers.  We'd like to club together and give back.

We asked Shanti what would help them most.   They explained that the Pre-School and Education projects are  led by volunteer teachers who offer classes around the most deprived, vulnerable shanti town zones of Colombo.  In order for this project to run this year; we need to help Shanti provide school learning materials to the children it supports.   This will provide vital materials for the kids and help host a Christmas celebration for children and elders from the community.  They have costed this at 300,000Rs which is approximately £1,500, or just £4.20 per person.   Gifts purchased will be presented to the children at a special Christmas celebration which brings together all faiths and promotes peace and sharing with the school children.  Help us reach this target by Christmas! 

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