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Shannonigans is a self funded project, and needs your support.

by Shannon Lane in London, England, United Kingdom

As a creative, I always found my dreams for the future never fit the conventional path that school taught me. I never felt I fit in to the university, office job roles - and I couldn't find anyone discussing an alternative option.

Since then, I've been amazed by the amount of young people around me striving to do their own thing, marching to the beat of their own drum - and this is why I want to start Shannonigans.

Shannonigans is a podcast and behind the scenes YouTube channel, where I interview individuals causing a stir, and shaking up the norm. 

Our conversations will meet a variety of important issues such as equality in the workplace and social media impacts but also will contain a lot of very funny stories.

The idea is to make people feel inspired and driven to march the beat of THEIR own drum....and also have a giggle on the way.

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