Michael Shanks for Glasgow North West

Michael Shanks for Glasgow North West

Help elect Michael Shanks as the next MP for Glasgow North West. Only Scottish Labour will Stand up for our Communities.

We did it!

On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,000 of £1,000 target with 14 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

This election is all about talking to people and convincing them to vote Labour for a Government that will support the Many, not the Few. The more money an resourcs we have, the more people we can meet and talk to - and get the to Vote Labour on 8th June.

I'm standing to represent you and to fight for a better deal for all of us.

Together we can make this the best place to live, work and grow up in.

I live in Glasgow North West and work for a charity in Glasgow which supports vulnerable children. In my spare time I lead a charity for young people with complex disabilities and I am involved in a number of other community and campaign groups locally. I’m standing for election to make sure this community – my home – has a strong voice in Westminster and to campaign on disability and social justice issues and to bring people together to make Glasgow North West the best place for people to live, work, grow up and grow old in.

On 8th June we have a choice between a party focused on another divisive referendum and Scottish Labour with a plan to make our country fairer and build an economy that works for everyone.

I will work tirelessly for our home and always stand up for our local communties.


Michael Shanks and the Scottish Labour Party may contact you using the information you supply. Donations to meet the costs of candidate election expenses are regulated by the Representation of the People Act 1983. By making a donation to this campaign you confirm that you understand and accept the following: If you am making a donation of more than £50, checks will be made to ensure your name is included on a UK electoral register (excluding the Isle of Man and Channel Islands). Your name and the amount you have donated will be included in the candidate return submitted after the election. This information will be available for public inspection on request, although your home address will not be made public. The money you use to make a donation must be from your own funds. This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the Michael Shanks's campaign. UK companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trade Unions and Unincorporated Associations may also make donations. Please contact the team on contact@annieslandlabour.org.uk for more information.Promoted by Paul Cruikshank on behalf of Michael Shanks, both at 20 Dunterlie Avenue, Glasgow, G13 3BA.

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