Shalisa's Book Launch 2017

Shalisa's Book Launch 2017

To fund a successful publishing, promotion and launch of FIVE books in 2017!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As an author who "dared to share" my life experiences and lessons learned, I have written five, FIVE (!) books, for publishing and launching in 2017 (no mean feat, I can tell you!)    My books, range from the inspirational to the romantic to the spiritual to the erotic.    

The book launch will not only enable me to showcase my work, but I'm keen to use it as a launching pad for other budding authors and other artistes as well, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting.  I'm also hoping to get more than the requested amount of £2,370,  as the additional funding will go towards the Women on the Frontline Ministries (WOFM), who desperately need a sizeable people carrier as they work with vulnerable women, caught up in prostitution and sex-trafficking (please visit for more information)

"Poems for Lovers & Others: The Romance Renaissance" is my one-woman campaign to put romance back on the menu.  It's an inner craving for the golden-age of romance (and all that jazz!), when holding hands still had meaning (sigh).    

"Black Love Matters" is my take on the recent "Black Lives Matter" movement in USA and this collection of evocative poems and prose will surely cause any reader to recognise that love matters, for all races, colours and creeds.

Touching the Hem of His Garment: A Prayer Devotional is a true labour of love, as I dared to tackle the issue of how to pray, or, to put it another way, how to begin to even want to pray, in a realistic, honest and open manner.  

"God Calling", is small collection of poignant poems to help readers begin to hear and feel the Spirit's heartbeat, reach out and touch their very soul.  


"She Who Walks Alone with One" is an autobiographical, inspirational, painfully raw but humorous view of my life to date.    As ordinary woman with an extraordinary story, I believe everyone has a story to tell, but very few are willing to step up to the mic.  Well, I guess, I simply felt the fear and stepped up anyway - even though my knees were shaking behind the lectern!

So, who is Shalisa Anthony?  
I am a full-time carer for an elderly parent. I like to describe myself as a "Portfolio Woman", as I do not believe I can be pigeonholed into any one thing.  I am also one of life's little encouragers, which is needed in order to counterbalance those who are always seeing the glass as half empty.  I'm just grateful to even have a glass - and like to encourage others to begin to start from that simple premise.

How will the money be spent: 
I am seeking funding to enable me to :

1)   Print and order copies of my books for the launch.  
       Estimated costs for 50 copies of 5 books each: £1,100

2)   Source and fund a suitable local venue e.g. local library, community halls
       Estimated cost for 3-4 hour hall hire & decorations: £450 
       Gift bags & book marks: estimated cost  £120
Book launch advertising and promotion materials: £50

3)  Invite guest artistes to show case their writing and other creative skills
      The aim is to invite other people like myself,  who simply need an opportunity to be seen, heard and showcased.  
       Singers x 3 (names available on request): Estimated travelling expenses: up to £350
       Two other authors (names available on request): Estimated travelling expenses: up to £100

4)   Light refreshments: estimated costs: £200

Estimated cost of book launch: £2,370

In summary, I expect upwards of 65 attendees as well as follow up book sales from the launch and website. 
A full breakdown of costs will be sent to all funders, as a matter of courtesy and transparency.

For a donation of £60 or more, you will get not one, but THREE signed books of your choice!