Shakers Dairy Free

Shakers Dairy Free

We've recently launched and want to grow our 100% Dairy-Free (and vegan) shakes bar & diner. Do you dream of a dairy-free world? We do.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 10:54pm 21st August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 10:54pm 21st August 2018

Hi.  We are Shakers Dairy Free, a freshly opened, family run business currently based in Colchester, Essex.

We started up Shakers to cater for everyone like ourselves; vegans, dairy intolerant, lactose intolerant (and also gluten-intolerant such as coeliacs.) Also for the hundreds of illnesses and ailments that dairy is no good for. In fact, we believe that cows milk (in fact all animals milk) belongs only to their babies.

We also understand all the health implications of dairy, so advocate the plant-based alternative "milks" as the only option if we want to look after ourselves, the cows and this planet.  It's taken far too long for the nation to wake up to plastics, so we want everybody out there to recognise ALL the benefits of switching to a dairy-free lifestyle ...

We want reach out to everyone who feels the same way and can help us achieve some of our goals, including growing our brand and business. To hopefully one day be a contender to the likes of Costa's, Starbucks, and Shakeaway's on shakes, frappes and other cold drinks.  

With the money raised we would like to do several things:

1. Finish off all the little things we just ran out of money to do in the diner - upgrade our cooking facilities and  - improve the level of decor a little!
2. Invest into going mobile, as our original plans. Make ourselves accessible to the nation. This will mean quite a lot of equipment but any additional funding may cover this (hopefully).
3. Actually put some money into marketing! - social media budget, exhibition stall costs etc, so we can get the right investment at the next stage.
4. Get some paid help - we are running ourselves into the ground, although adrenaline is helping us along atm - so an extra pair of hands or two will free us up a little to concentrate on growing the business the right way. We balance this with looking after our four children.
5. Continue with our plans to franchise the business.  This is a time sensitive process as well as legal and financial. Wish us luck.

We dream of a dairy-free world.  Do you?

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