SHADOCon: For Fans of Gerry & Sylvia Andersons UFO

SHADOCon: For Fans of Gerry & Sylvia Andersons UFO

Raise funds for SHADOCon - The first Convention for fans of the classic Sci-Fi TV series UFO to be held in nearly 30 years

We did it!

On 8th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £1,400 with 18 supporters in 56 days

Why a Convention?

UFO has influenced a generation of Sci-Fi film makers and still resonates with fans after 45 years.This is ably shown by the vibrant online communities of fans and it is from the SHADO Facebook group that the idea emerged to hold the first convention in nearly three decades.

Testing the water on Facebook has shown enough enthusiasm for the idea to do some initial work and we ae now ready to begin funding the convention.

What will the convention look like?

Although a number of the series regulars are no longer with us, we have contacted several who are eager to attend and are actively contacting more. we hope to show a couple of episodes to spark their memories and have lively open discussions.

Autograph signing is something else we hope to do along with photo opportunities.

Props from the show, fan built models and memorabilia will be on display and some traders are jobs keen to attend with unique UFO and Anderson related merchandise,

Here’s how we need you help

We need those who pledged online to honour those pledges here please so that we can fund the event.

All money will be used to pay event fees, with nobody making any money for themselves from this venture. We are suggesting that any money we don't spenders either returned in proportion to donation or is carried forward to fund a follow up event in 2018 and that this is decided by a poll of the contributors after the first event has happened.

We will also need help on the day, probably looking after the guests and as sharing duties as a security presence around the props etc.

Please contribute what you can towards this great event.

What do I get as a contributor?

Well apart from what promises to be a great day, well be actively trying to give our supporters something extra... we'll let you know in due course/

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