Shaash - graduation short film

by Mimosa Jaskari in London, Greater London, England

Shaash - graduation short film
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On 3rd April 2018 we successfully raised £700 with 20 supporters in 21 days

Graduation short film by Iasha Mohammed. Raising funds to tell this important story with themes of heritage and woman's place in society.

by Mimosa Jaskari in London, Greater London, England


Shaash (2018) is a short film about a young couple Halima and Ahmed who meet online and fall in love with each other. During the relationship they decide to peruse marriage. There's a twist, when Halima makes a surprising discovery and finds out that the people you love are not always who you think they are.

Shaash is the graduation short film of screenwriter and director Iasha Mohammed. She was inspired by the change she herself wanted to see in Somali representation; in Shaash, she tackles themes of culture, heritage and woman’s place in society. Movies about the Somali too often settle for stories of war and terrorism, but Iasha wants to open a new chapter to shed light on common conflicts of everyday life.

We already have a great story, brilliant director, great cast and crew… But as we are a student production, what we have in passion we lack in funding. Your help could make this film reach its full potential. By donating, you will be part of making overlooked voices heard. With little bit of help, we can take the production value higher and Iasha’s vision further like it deserves; make less compromises; cover submission fees to film festivals; feed our starving artist; and most importantly, to not have to rob a bank.

Shaash will be screened at BFI Southbank and made available online for all of our backers to enjoy.


All money donated will be used for the production in highest possible standards, weather we reach the goal or not. We need budget for;

  • Catering and covering expenses for our cast and crew.
  • Art direction: props, costumes, and everything else that can be seen within the frame.
  • Location fee.
  • License for music we want to use on the soundtrack.
  • Film festival submissions fees and distribution; after its premiere, Shaash will not hid away, but we want to share it with the world!


We are excited to confirm our lead actors Ramla Tyrow as Halima and Prince Salad as Ahmed!


Iasha Mohammed, director and screenwriter
Iasha is London born filmmaker and who has lived there for most of her life, now graduating from London South Bank University. She is of Somali origin, and with diverse interests and experiences. She has always had a great interest in film but growing up she never had a director of her origin to look up to. Starting with Shaash she wants to change the way Somalis are being misrepresented in the media. Iasha has a worked on a number of short films and music videos, and her ‘Trust in Me’ music video got nominated for a Adobe Youth Voices award in 2015.

Mimosa Jaskari, producer
Mimosa is a young producer originally from Finland, currently doing her film studies degree in King's College London. She is passionate about both theoretical film studies and getting hands on experience on practical filmmaking, and she was one of the producers of the first two seasons of webseries Project Green Gables.

Petronella Risita Achieng, Assistant Director
Petronella is 21 years old and originally from Kenya but have lived in seven different countries, so she likes to think of herself as a global citizen (who speaks four different languages). She has a deep love for film, film photography and aesthetics. She is captured by a distinguished look that is unique and appealing. That said, she is very happy to be a part of this production as the assistant director and working with a fantastic crew.

You'll learn more about the rest of us and our cast shortly!

Thank you for your interest, and please share away!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Our endless gratitude

Every penny helps us to make Shaash the best possible film we can!

£10 or more

Your name in the credits

We will thank you in the credits of the film.

£15 or more

Early online access to the film

You will receive a link for the film before others will see it! Previous perks included as well.

£30 or more

Access to special behind the scenes diary

You can follow our journey on behind the scenes blog with exclusive interviews and production photos. Previous perks included as well.

£40 or more

Physical copy of the film

We will send you the exclusive physical copy of the film! Previous perks included as well.

£70 or more

Executive producer credit

You will be credited as executive producer in the credits of the film (including IMDb). All of the previous perks included as well.

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