Were Funding for printing equipment to print on our blankets for Homeless.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

At SháAdoe Clothing;
We are a small independent Clothing line that caters to Everybody..

We are a team of 3! Currently working on campaigns and social media marketing quests to help the less fortunate.

Our Aim is to give every homeless person a blanket for every T-shit, Hoodie, Jacket, Cap & Accessories that we sell.. Too Kind to be true? No not at all there are loads of clothing brands that commit to these vows only we are Different instead of like for like we actually give these people something they truely need!

Imagine this.. walking down the street and YOU see a homeless person.. he/she/they are lay there in a "SháAdoe" branded blanket that YOU made the difference and gave them all because you decided to shop with us instead of a high street brand label! Amazing right? Well congrats cause you changed the world that little bit today! Well done!

As we are mainly promoted through social media and a local newspaper services.. We ask anyone that has he opportunities to promote us be it a "Like" "Share" "Tag" etc.. please do! It's going to be greatly appreciated I can assure you.

Thank you for choosing SháAdoe as your choice of brand for today. Cause you will make a massive difference tomorrow!