SH Music - A Musical Instrument Repair Workshop

by Sunniva Cherrox Hellerud in Reading, England, United Kingdom

SH Music - A Musical Instrument Repair Workshop
We did it
On 18th December 2019 we successfully raised £2,003 with 57 supporters in 47 days

To make my workshop work - to get enough tools, materials and equipment to repair any wind instrument.

by Sunniva Cherrox Hellerud in Reading, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra funding will go towards a lathe and taking on more tools from my colleagues. I've also been offered brass tools by a colleague when they heard I was Crowdfunding and now I'll be able to take some of their tools as well! All funding will be used towards equipment and tools for the workshop, which will benefit all the players out there.

I am over the moon with the support you've given me and I'm so excited for the journey this has been. 

Thank you for your support! 

X Sun 

Hello, My name is Sun.

I run SH Music, a small musical instrument workshop, out of my home in Reading, Berkshire.


My Story   

I grew up in Norway and I originally moved to the UK to study this age old craft called instrument making and repair. 

I studied at the internationally renowned Newark College, completing their Woodwind Instruments: Making and Repair course. I received a level 3 qualification in engineering operations, which taught me metal work and tool making on top of the instrument repair. I've played flute most of my life and therefore studied flute making as my final year project.


Whilst studying I met my partner, a passionate piano tuner, and just like that I decided to stay.

I've worked a steady job in a good workshop while supporting my partner in building his business, but I have always wanted to start my own workshop - a workshop built by me, from the ground up.

This year I started my dream. I opened my workshop this summer taking on woodwind servicing and repair. I got such lovely feedback from customers that I wish I was set up to do more! That's why I'm crowdfunding. I aim to one day cater for all wind players - brass and woodwind players alike.

The vision

I want to provide a tailored service where the player feels like they are not left in the dark, but involved in the process. I want my workshop to help musicians to get their instrument "just right" - An individual approach to each instrument and each player. 

I aim to tackle any repair, large or small, and use my engineering knowledge to make parts or tools when needed.

The goal

The money raised would provide tools and equipment for my workshop. I would invest in hand tools, materials, dent tools and a lathe for engineering work. Owning more of my own tools will give me the opportunity to offer a higher level of repair which will benefit players for years to come. 

I have a colleague who is retiring this year and I would take on as much as possible of his tools, to give them yet another lifetime of use.


The Rewards

Are you a player yourself, or maybe you know a special musician you'd like to spoil? If you pledge now you can claim a reduced rate next time you or your friend come by the workshop.

For £20 you're guaranteed 20% off the labour cost of your next service. That means you can save as much as £100 depending on what level of service the instrument needs! For £10 I'll take 10% off - it's as easy as that.

If you choose to support my project you are supporting the players, from young learners to professional musicians, to do what they do best - make great music.


The relationship between a player and their instrument is something special. There's nothing like that moment when a player picks up their instrument to give it that first test after an overhaul... That look on a student's face when they open up the case of their freshly polished Flute, or the face of a Sax player when they recognise the particular sound of the instrument they once fell in love with is worth dedicating a life work to.

I want to give players what they deserve - to love their instrument again. I want to aid players in making great music. And I hope you want to enable me to do so!


Thanks for reading. 

All the best,



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

20% off Your Service

(Possible savings as much as £100!) Calling all woodwind players! If you pledge £20 towards my workshop I will give you 20% off the labour cost on the next Service for you or your friend! Does it need a polish? Could it do with a strip down? This might be the chance to treat your instrument that little extra. This offer can be redeemed once, but at any point in the future.

£1 or more

£1 party ticket

Pledge just one pound to get an invite to our Pledgers Party! We'll meet for the announcement of the winners of the competition, a glass of bubbles and a massive hug of gratitude.

£5 or more

£5 shout out

You'll have my eternal gratitude and I'll give you shout out online with lots of love.

£10 or more

10% Off Your Service

Does your woodwind instrument need a tweak? Pledge £10 towards my workshop and guarantee a cheaper bill next time you pop by! The reward will reduce the cost of labour price, can redeemed once at any point in the future.

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