Sexual Healing - Freedom for Abuse Survivors

by zari ferns in Mellor, England, United Kingdom

Sexual Healing - Freedom for Abuse Survivors


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Help me to produce online courses and resources to help women and men find healing and empowerment from sexual trauma and reclaim their life

by zari ferns in Mellor, England, United Kingdom


Having lived with post traumatic stress for most of my life I know how it destroys relationships and happiness. I know how hard it is to feel safe and alive, and how 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men are victims of sexual abuse are also feeling the way I once did.

Over the last 5 years I have been trying to get a big project off the ground to help women and men find reconnection back to their body and life. 

I have already been speaking about my experience, ideas and holding healing workshops in different countries, which is testimony to my passion for people to reclaim their life back and find love again.

I have tried to do it alone and but i cant get it to where it needs to be to make an impact without help.


I had been on my own sexual healing journey for over a decade seeking out knowledge and training from across the world and some of the most reputable teachers.

Some years ago I have had a profound spiritual awakening and transformation giving  me clear direction now was time to share the wealth of knowledge and skills I have that can help others to find liberation. 

I intend to use the money raised to build an online platform of courses, tools and resources for others to find sexual healing and empowerment and reconnect to love. 

Now with corona virus my in person has stopped and i need to find a way to reach people and continue be able to offer my work. 

I foresee the project being around 18months to 3 years to complete.

Funding would be used for

Website- teaching platform

Resource development 

Design and Marketing


Production of training materials 



Staff to support  

There are people ready to help me do this and I have the skills and knowledge to do it, but I need the funding and your help to make it happen. 


Thank you for helping us. 

With Love x


Pictures are from some of my workshops, but they are no longer able to happen. 


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