Sewing the seams of love

by Natasha Sligo in Morpeth, England, United Kingdom

Sewing the seams of love


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Lockdown has encouraged many people to pick up a sewing to fill their time. I aim to provide workshops to help people develop their skills.

by Natasha Sligo in Morpeth, England, United Kingdom

Lockdown has seen many people dig out their grannies sewing machine and try their hand at sewing. There was a huge outcry for scrubs for the NHS and PPE which saw people reusing textiles they had in their home as all shops were shut to protect people from the virus.

I have always had an interest in sewing and making things. I remember sitting with a family member as they taught me how to use a sewing machine and I made a bright yellow ra-ra skirt! It was awful! But I was so proud of what I had made. Since then I have dipped in and out of sewing, always testing my skills and developing techniques, all self taught.

During lockdown I have helped two people in particular develop their skills and I have seen their confidence grow as they realise they have this innate undeveloped skill. Many have been affected by lockdown mentally as they feel helpless in the national fight against coronavirus, which has only been exacerbated by the boredom of lockdown.

I want to be able to provide workshops (when all restrictions are lifted) to be able to teach people sewing skills either on a one-to one basis or as a small group. Most importantly I want to show people how to reuse textiles, either old clothes or home decor, in the fight against fast fashion. Pouring love into a project, either made from scratch or adjusting a garment from their wardrobe making people cherish that item of clothing more.

My aim is for people to come along to a workshop having all of the materials provided, and walking away with something that they are truly proud of. The mental health benefit of that is priceless.

With the funds raised I would buy rescources and materials including sewing machines and haberdashery equipment so that the workshops are accessible to everyone, even if they don’t own a machine.

The main aim of this project is to inspire people and maybe even provide a bit of therapy through arts and crafts

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