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To provide an easy to use, affordable software specifically designed for small to medium sized service businesses.

by Elizabeth_Russell in Epsom, England, United Kingdom

From the age of 17 I ran a cleaning company for 11 years. In that time I never found a software that was designed for my small business. The software available was always too expensive too complicated and did not provide the functions that I needed.

So I invested in building a software specific for my business to help me run it.

It was clear to me though that there were thousands of other small service businesses out there that are all in the same situation. So in 2017 I closed my cleaning company and focused on building a software that provided an all in one solution for everyone in the service industry.

With uncertain economic times ahead, the self employment is on the rise and the service industry is growing. More and more people are looking to set up on their own or grow a an existing service they do into a small business.

With many pitfalls and questions as to how they go about this - many become stuck or find themselves in situations they cant handle outside of the actual service, whether it be cleaning, gardening, building etc, which may result in a damage to reputation. Not following legal requirements can lead to heavy fines damage to the business and individual finances leading to bad credit and closure of business. In fact 50% of service businesses fail in the first five years of trading.

Running a small business is difficult. The business owners have to be every department and manage every element of the business processes and procedures. From HR, marketing, operations to finance and everything in between. With more and more competition, customer expectations and pit falls to fall into and with very little if not no government support, running a small service business is a challenge.

SO, ServiceSET aims to be the crutch to lean on. To be the go to all in one platform for all service businesses to run their entire operation from one place. Streamlining processes and procedures and also highlighting key information that they may have not thought of before - that will keep them out of trouble, and keeping it all in one safe place, accessible from wherever they are. We aim to always be affordable, easy to use and relevant to the market, whether they be in the UK or abroad.

ServiceSET aims to be an easy set up. We aim to ensure that it is easy and quick to upload and manage data and full instructions on how to use every element clearly explained and easy to use. As well as this we aim to be an education tool to highlight key topics such as GDPR, employment law, contracting law,  and all other relevent information is fed to our customers, so they are up to date and compliant with all latest legislation and market requirements.

With the backing we require we aim to:

Improve the current software - create the added usability and provide an easier customer journey to sign up for subscriptions. To also add the extra information part of the software to inform our customers about relevant information in the service market.

To make the software available in different countries, starting with Europe.

To advertise to the wider market - having a stronger presence on social media platforms and to advertise on radio and TV.

To invest in SEO.

To partner with companies such as Ucomply and Ezi tracker to ensure the we provide the best all in one solution. To build a good support team to ensure our customers have a real person they can speak to for questions, queries and suggestions.



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