Seven: A short film set in the Arctic.

In the Arctic Ocean under the midnight sun a young boy's fate hangs in the balance. SEVEN: the first fiction film from JMF.

We did it!

On 10th May 2016 we successfully raised £10,444 of £10,000 target with 66 supporters in 28 days



Thank you all for your support. Seven has been fully-funded, had a first cut and will make the festival circuit for 2018. To see the trailer, check it out above or check out and our social media pages for the latest updates.





SEVEN is the first narrative short film from JMF. Established by multi-award winning director and photographer James Morgan, we’re a young, award-winning production company with a portfolio that includes documentaries in Siberia, Bolivia, Papua New Guinea and the remote islands of eastern Indonesia. And a music video in Yemen! Now we’re heading to the lands of the midnight sun to shoot a short film on an epic scale…and we're hoping you'll be a part of it. 


SEVEN occupies the liminal space where wilderness & culture, tradition & modernity collide. The film unfolds in a surreal and stunning Arctic landscape of rearing cliffs and vast seascapes at the edge of civilisation. Out in the Arctic Ocean, an isolated community gathers in boats to watch a young boy undertake a trial by ordeal to atone for the crime he’s committed. With the boy's fate in their hands, a policeman and the woman he loves must make a choice that will change both their lives and determine the very future of the community. Nature looks on, vast and implacable. SEVEN will combine the spectacular cinematography that’s a JMF staple with an archetypal human drama -  it's an ambitious project that we’re all super excited about! 



In July, when the arctic sun never sets, an eight-person crew will be heading to the stunning Lofoten Islands, deep within the Arctic Circle to shoot an open ocean set-piece - it's easily the most challenging sequence in SEVEN. The scene will involve co-ordinating a flotilla of rowing boats, setting a kayak on fire and choreographing a highly complicated underwater sequence. All in one night. 

We'll need a lot of technical expertise, human resources, gear and of course insurance to shoot the scene effectively and safely. SEVEN has received seed funding and support from the British Film Institute (BFI) and Creative England and we’re lucky to have some amazingly talented and creative people working on SEVEN for free (basically, the entire crew!). But in order to pull this off we need to raise additional funds.



We're not just approaching you cap in hand of course. We come bearing gifts - exclusive rewards that you'll be able to treasure for years to come. Or sell on ebay once our magnum opus has cleaned up at the Academy Awards. 

We'll be offering images from the shoot, as well as limited edition prints created from the final film. In addition, James has put together a limited edition Crowdfunder collection, a chance to buy some of James' most iconic images at a discounted price.  And of course digital downloads of the film itself which you'll get long before the official release. 






We're a small but growing crew of passionate storytellers, musicians and visual artists who like faraway places and the things that happen there - even if this time we're making those things up! 


James Morgan (Writer/Director)

James started out in photography, producing in-depth features for National Geographic, The Guardian and The Sunday Times, to name a few. After moving into documentary filmmaking he won a host of awards before starting JMF to branch out into drama and long form fiction. 


Emily Spicer (Producer)

Emily is a London based producer with a background in journalism. She cut her teeth at the BBC before working with JMF. Emily is widely travelled and has experience working in almost every environment from the Amazon to the Arctic Circle.


Johnny Langenheim (Producer)

Johnny is an award winning producer and journalist who has made documentaries, music videos, brand films and editorial content for the world’s leading media brands, companies and NGOs including BBC, Vice, Smithsonian Channel, Universal Records, The Guardian, Sunday Times and WWF. He works extensively in Asia, particularly Indonesia, as well as in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Nick Rosier (Art Direction)

Nick is a London based designer whose roots in the fields of broadcast and visual effects have led him to work on award winning shorts, commercials and digital projects internationally, in countries as far afield as Australia, Japan and the USA.



Ben Sadd (Cameraman)

Ben has shot a number of films for the BBC, Channel 4 and the United Nations. Although experienced in big productions he is most at home creating premium production value from deep in the jungle with nothing more than duct tape and intuition. His most recent adventure involved building a canoe and then paddling it across the Amazon jungle, while making a film at the same time. He is also our in house drone pilot. 


Will N Ward (Sound Design)

Will N Ward is an audio postproduction expert whose studio specialises in bespoke compositions, sound design, track laying and mixing for film and TV. He works with leading international brands and agencies including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Ferrari, Al Jazeera and Canada Goose. Outside JMF, Will has also worked for some of the major postproduction houses in London.


Jack Wyllie (Composer)

Jack Wyllie is a multi instrumentalist and composer who’s musical vocabulary takes in a multitude of styles and traditions from across the globe. He has released several studio albums and EP's to critical acclaim in various projects including Portico Quartet, Circle Traps and Szun Waves and released on labels such as Real world records, Lex records, Babel, Ninja Tune and Buffalo temple. He's also produced soundtracks for short films, documentaries and commercials with clients ranging from the BBC through to Nike. 



We're really excited about entering SEVEN into the leading short film festivals in the UK and Europe, where we hope to gain an enthusiastic audience. And if we can build up some critical momentum, we hope to take it further.  We'll keep you all updated on festival entries, trailer releases and screenings via a newsletter and updates on our social media platforms. 



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