Setting up a counselling service for deaf people

Setting up a counselling service for deaf people

To expand the business and market it for the whole of the deaf community across the UK

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am have a  BSC in psychology and law and also underaking my MSC in positive pscyhology and coaching. Unfortunatly due to an injury I have damaged my hearing and need hearing aids but will eventually loose my hearing, I am also undertaking my BSL course to level 6.

 I and my collegue whom has a BA in counselling wish to create a company that specialises in deaf counselling as the deaf community needs people who can communicate with them and also understand how mental health affects them.

We will be the only company that looks to devlop specialist mental health for those who have been forgotton by most mental health companies.

We are both authors and our masters will seek to open up the mental health world to include everyone who suffers with any difficulties