Sethinae, Ornamental Ecofuturism

by Jamie Dyer in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Sethinae, Ornamental Ecofuturism


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My aim for this business is to provide a sustainable, non exploitative alternative to the fast fashion and design industry.

by Jamie Dyer in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

I have formulated ideas with the purpose of solving problems for as long as I can remember. Taking a non conventional route in assembling these ideas is the same. I believe the more non conventional the ideas are, the more it can stimulate and inspire to do good. 

My Nan was a milliner on Bond Street in London, and I drew great influence from her. I would always go round her house as a kid and use her spirograph, as well as many other fun projects such as making aged treasure maps by staining paper with tea. 

My idea is to create ornate, beautiful, and original designs that have a minimised negative impact on our world.

I source vintage second hand fabrics and passementerie from local sellers on the internet, as well as organic and sustainable fabric. I am also looking to get a plastic 3d printer to make jewellery, accessories, ornaments and utensils from recycled nylon fishing nets and compostable recycled PLA. I am also hoping to get a metal 3d printer eventually but I am still trying to find a way to use recycled metal in 3d printing. 

I want my clients to have the opportunity to work with me (or hopefully a team eventually) on a very personal basis to customise the product based on what is available to them, for example, a sweatshirt. I would ask for a base colour (or colours), then offer them some more intricate details that compliment the base using what stock (or potentially services) I have available.

I will use the money raised to compile enough stock to allow me to run a market stall in Bristol, including a plastic 3d printer. I will also use it to buy instagram adverts which should expand my customer base. Another good purchase would be a smart website that offers an online customisation service.


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