Set up a cat sanctuary

Set up a cat sanctuary

We are raising money to replace our asbestos ridden garage that several homeless cats sleep in and replace it with a safe place for them.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We currently feed around 4 (2 several times a day   at least 2 whenever they come for food) homeless cats and wish to continue looking after them. However in order for us to do so we must knock down our existing asbestos garage and replace it with a structually safe and warm environment for cats to live and sleep. We are currently drawing up plans of what the cat sanctuary will look like inside and out  (we will post a photo soon)!

The plan is to build a new wooden cat sanctuary (used solely for cats)  and ensure that it is heat/water tight. We aim to house around 5-10 cats in this garage. Your money will help towards building this safe haven for the cats, help provide bedding, food and ensure they are neutered and vaccinated (with regular vet visits!)

With this money we will also be securing the garden to make sure no predetators come in the garden.  We will also be planting cat friendly plants and ensuring that there is plenty for cats to do! 

We are looking to do building work ourselves to keep the costs down. 
Of course we will give regular updates to how we are doing and if we are successful enough we can set up a website with a 24hr live stream of inside the cat sanctuary. 

We are currently regeristing as a Scottish Charity so everything will be legit and above board.