Set Design for Screen Graduation Show 2017

Raising funds to support Wimbledon College of Art's third year Set Design for Screen students degree graduation show.

We did it!

On 1st May 2017 we successfully raised £2,200 of £2,000 target with 61 supporters in 56 days

Set Design for Screen Graduation Show 2017

We are third year students studying at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL, where we specialise in designing for theatre and the screen.

As SDS students, we are passionate about the design aspect of the film and television industry, learning how to pioneer new ideas and create stunning visuals for live action and animation.

Our graduation show is our opportunity and pleasure to bring you, as a viewer, into our world. Through a variety of detailed projects, we will reveal the process behind bringing television programmes and films to the screen, and give you a sneak peak into our future profession.

By donating to our project you will be helping to fund the degree show, where your money will help to provide an experience that visitors (and ourselves!) will not forget.

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated! In return, you will recieve some of the amazing television/film magic and original artwork created by the many talented students on our course.

Take a look at our facebook and instagram pages for exciting previews of our degree show projects in progress:


**Please note: ALL pledge rewards that require posting will be sent once the degree show has finished [end of June 2017]. Postage is included in any pledge located in the UK. A small extra charge will be added for any packages shipped outside the UK. Rewards will also be collectable at the degree show if attending.**


Make sure you check out our updates for exciting developments and profiles on the people that you're supporting!


Below are examples of work for each reward to show you the style of work that will be included in each bundle.

£5- £25 Reward Packages

These pieces of artwork are examples of concept art that could be included in the digital concept art wallpapers.
Concept art is created in the pre-liminary stages of design to help envisage the set and how it will work within the world the designer is trying to create.

The first example is from Sara Lizzio:

 The second example is by Tim Molina:

The third example is by Jack Pratt:

£25 & £60 Reward Bundles

 The following technical drawings are by Rufus Martin (1st) and Petrina Wee (2nd) and is an example of the style and standard of technical drawing that will be available in poster form [A1] for the £25 reward bundle, and also framed [A1] in the £60 reward bundle.
All the technical drawings have first been hand-drawn on tracing paper and then copied onto paper for ease of viewing.

Technical drawings are crucial to all projects as they give all the measurements needed to construct each part of the set. They are usually created around the same time as the white card model to help give an overall view to the art department and also director on how the set will begin to form and also look after completion.

£100 Reward 

For the £100 Reward we have some very special commisioned pieces hand-drawn by either Namok Eu, Harriet Stannard or Rufus Martin especially for you. Each student has a selection of only 5 drawings available, in completely different styles (you will be contacted nearer the time to choose which one you would like).

From Rufus Martin you can expect some exquisite figure drawings. Below is an example of his style of work:

From Namok Eu you can expect some characterful drawings that are filled with personality. Her drawings are highly sought after. Below is an example of character drawings, which shows you her style:


**Now introducing into the hand-drawn art work reward is Mustafa Ozmen! His work is gobsmakingly realistic, and will now form part of the £100 reward bundle. Take a look at his style with an example of his work displayed below!**
(As his work is a late addition the pledge description cannot be changed to add Mustafa's name, but don't worry, before the show date I shall contact everyone to check which artist they pledged for)

 Now into our biggest reward out of all the bundles is the £200 rewards. Up for grabs we have three unique props, all handmade by three students for their graduation projects!

£200 - Kate Macrae's Ambulance from her animation project on Madeline. **SOLD**

Here we have a beautifully made 1:10 scale ambulance! (52cm long x 28cm high x 17cm wide) Made especially for her degree project, with a working ambulance light, it is a fantastic reward! Please feast your eyes on it below!

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