We did it!

On 3rd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,030 of £2,000 target with 68 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

This will then enable us to look at more artists or additional entertainment for the event.

Where do we begin...

SESSIONS,  What set out to be a one off event between friends to bring a city night to their hometown ended up being over 10 years of great events. Originally it began in Scarborough town centre at a place you will remember as Vivaz Venue (thanks Mr Paul Murray).  Im sure many of you will admit it wasnt the most upmarket venue and not the biggest... However, Im sure you will agree with it was the very heart of Scarborough's nightlife, not to mention the nearest thing we had to a city clubbing experience. We brought you so many A-List DJs and artists, Sax players, Percussionists, Magicians, Firebreathers, Stilt walkers and many more things to give it that extra special effort. 

It was a tough ten years with highs and lows, We actually embraced many things that were thrown at us.. such as the Smoking bans, the 24 hour licencing changes (6am close was ace though) and always trying to keep things going.. Infact our events were so appreciated many people many had Tattoos done with our logo.. heres a fact: the wings on the logo were actually taken from a football club logo! but i cant for the life of me remember which one.

Right straight to the point and the reason you are reading on..  

After trawling through the archives of videos and pictures (Thanks to Steve) i would think many people will have had big life changing differences since then..  Relationships, Children, Moved Away, Age, Interests etc.. But that's not enough to stop us trying to organise another. After all for you guys its.. ONE NIGHT ONLY right???

SESSIONS was created and organized by a very small close family, but what made it work and so special over those years were you guys. There's been many rumours of a "Reuinion as such" or we get messages "Please do another".

So... We have decided to go back to square one and make it a peoples party, Hence the Crowdfunding idea, This is a non profit event and all the proceeds go back into the party its all about a group of people having a good time in Scarborough again.. Theres going to be a limited amount of tickets to ensure its for the people who really matter and  over 21's! 

Heres how it works:

You back the crowdfunded campaign, so ineffectivley its like buying a ticket but crowdfunder call it a "Reward" a Ticket (£10 Per Person).

There is another option for a second Reward / Ticket and thats £15 where you will receive some stickers a Brochure full of pictures and flyers from over the years of events.

Once it hits the expected target the event happens. if we dont hit the target No Money will be taken from you  and we will just have to reminisce about the good times. If we hit the target of £2000 we can start to prepare the hire of the things required and make headway. If it goes over the target of £2000 every penny goes into making the party bigger and better!

Not sure if many of you remembered... 'SESSIONS The Big One'  we did at the spa? (it was so much fun). We have had many meetings with the venue and sealed the date, We believe its the only venue suitable for what we need to do another in our hometown.. Also we have had approval from the Local Police. (We only have 8 weeks to try and hit the target)


Right the important info to pencil in a TBC for the baby sitter or warn the neighbours! 

Date: 2nd September 2017

Venue: The Spa, South Bay, Scarborough YO11 2HD


Will the event happen? Thats down to you guys.. (We only have 8 weeks to try and hit the target) SHARE the link to people who you think might be interested and you havent seen in a long time!

Lots of love

Scarborough's reason to party...  SESSIONS

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