Session - a global music network

Session aims to build a global community in the music industry and bridge the gap between business, music and entertainment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Session is the all-in-one booking and marketing agent for businesses and musicians, connecting the two worlds and taking care of the nitty-gritty. Our aim is to provide a safe, secure and user friendly networking platform that enables vendors, bands, solo-artists and recording studios to organize, promote, book and transact swiftly and effortlessly.

Being developed by 3 students, an IT geek and an rookie entreprenuer, we obviously have limited funds to make our dream of a unified music platform a reality. We need to be able to fund a £7780 database and website development, £3000 App development, a small budget of £500 marketing and further costs for company registration and other costs. While we have pulled together to make as much of this happen, on our own steam, we have come to the conclusion that we may have to ask for help.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between the music and business industries.

Our Vision

To be the global hub for musicians and businesses to network and transact through one user-friendly platform.


The concept of Session was founded in early 2016 when we came across difficulties finding a replacement drummer for one of our bands. After many emails, phone calls and auditions, wasting a ton of time, the problem was resolved, temporarily.

There had to be a way to get the same result with more ease and less effort.

After looking at the industry and looking at what options there were worldwide for this problem, we weren’t happy with the solutions and what they had to offer. Although some helpful services were out there and being offered, we felt that they did not cater to the full demands of the music industry..

We had to find a way to connect all aspects of the business and music industry together under one platform

In Conclusion

We thank you in advance for your support and helping our dream become a reality.  We beleive Session will be a massive step forward in both the business and the musical worlds and look forward to sharing it with you.

Warm regards
Carmen (The Nerdy Wordsmith)
Darryl (The IT Geek)
JP (The Guitar-playing Gentleman)
Kiara (The Band Geek)
and Storm (The Irish Business Rookie)

P.S: Check out our Session International Facebook page to see our progress :)