A business in a box - Online software to enable all aspects of small to medium size enterprises to be managed from one place.

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What is service box?

A Business in a box.

Service box is an online platform for businesses of all sizes including one man entities to manage their entire business from one place.

Service box specialise in ensuring that people working within in the service industry have every facility they need in order to run a professional and efficient business.


The software currently available to business's in this market are not cost effective, complicated or dont fit the needs for small to medium size enterprises. Business's like cleaning companies, building firms and gardeners start small and have a very limited budget for initial investment. This means no money to invest in a expensive software to help manage and grow the business. People often find themselves in a 'catch twenty two' situation,  needing to gain the work but had nothing to help manage.

Businesses are started for many reasons, the people that set them up all have one thing in common: a vision. This vision can often be tainted however by the unknown- how much tax to pay? When to register as self employed,  accountant needed? How to calculate profit? where to go to market the business? qualifications? employment?

There are so many things that demotivate people over time and cause small and medium business’s to fail. If any of the above is done wrongly inaccuarte or simply forgotten then ultimately can cause such detriment to the business it can close and can cause a long term negative effect on the founder’s finances.

There is no formal training for people setting up business, there is help out there but this can take time and often be costly - its common for for people not to know where and even what to ask. People don’t have time to spare; they need to start work.

This is where service box comes in!

Service box has done all the hard work for service men and woman. Whether it be cleaning, gardening, painting or walking dogs our customers can use service box to ensure that they stay on top of the business and maintain professionality and be hugely successful.


Service box is an online platform where all aspects of small to medium size enterprises can be managed. Our clients can add a bolt on function to their existing website enabling them, their staff and customers to log in and benefit from the service box system. The service box client can log into their service box account and manage their business from wherever they may be. The phone app is designed to be clear and very user friendly – with the main functions available to the user.

A few functions service box aims to offer:

Accounting templates




Figure analysis

Invoice generation

Data recording


And many more...