Service Project to Tanzania

Service Project to Tanzania

To improve the facilities of N'garoni Primary School in Tanzania - this will have a BIG impact on the students of the school!

We did it!

On 30th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 5 supporters in 30 days

Hi, I'm Michael. In July 2017 I'm going with one other pupil from my school to work for one week on a service project in Marangu village, Tanzania, (near Mt Kilimanjaro) working with a team of 50 students from 25 schools to build facilities for N'garoni Primary School in Marangu. N'garoni school is not fully developed, and so students at the school must share facilites with another school called Mbahe, which unfortunately is on the other side of a valley from N'garoni  and can be a long and tiring walk. In fact, in bad weather students often cannot get to Mbahe at all. Hence, this service project would be hugely beneficial to the students at the school, greatly improving the quality and ease of their education and meaning they wouldn't have to travel so far and often to enjoy basic school facilities. 

To do the service project I will need to raise £960 for a participation fee plus some £500-£600 for flights, which I intend to do in a number of ways, but I can't raise that amount of money on my own: I need kind people like YOU! If you could give even a little bit towards my trip, it will still help alot. The project will be greatly useful for me as an enriching experience, but more so for the pupils of N'garoni whose eduction would be improved greatly as a result of it. 

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