Service Hotels UK

Project by parky418
Service Hotels UK

My aim is to buy a hotel in North Wales and set up a hotel for people from all services that suffer with PTSD

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

For 5 years I have been fighting to get funding to buy a hotel, once the hotel is bought it will be registered "Service hotels" The hotel will be there to support our servicing and Ex service personal (from all Services MOD or Blue light) that suffer with PTSD.

The hotel will be ran in a way that the whole family get the chance to learn how to adapt to such an illness, the signs and how to cope with the ups and downs. As well as having support groups and meetings, the hotel will offer outdoor Activities such as Hill walking to the childen so they learn while enjoying themselfs. 

The staff that run the hotel will all be Ex serving memebers of the MOD and have the training to understand the problems people with PTSD have, they will as be delivering classes and weekend events for police, welfare and other authorities to let them learn and understand the problems and how to cope with situations that occur all over the UK due to PTSD! 

We have a number support groups that are Waiting to support us after the property has been purchased, PTSD Resolution, ABF, Combat Stress, COP, H4H and PTSD UK as well as. Blue light Support. 

Please donate,,And help us save someone’s life!! for more info please email me

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