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Service BOX

A business in a box! An online platform to enable business's to manage their entire business all from one place.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 4 supporters in 104 days



Service box is an online platform where all aspects of a business can be managed. Our main target market is the service industry - i.e  cleaners, builders, painters, dog walkers etc. Our clients can add a bolt on function to their existing website or set up direct from Service box enabling them, their staff and customers to log in and benefit from the Service Box system.

Fuctions and benefits

The software will support functions such as TAX and legal obligations, enable them to manage staff scheduling, business projects, ecommerce orders, bookings, track all business activity, upload documents and much more.

 Services have to be very pliable; workers and business owners need to be able to adapt to any situation making it difficult for owners to record all activity easily. Because of this most software available currently do not have the facilities most of our target market need, they are often over complicated and expensive. - WE aim to be different. With a clean clear design and step by step instructions to ensure our end user is fully supported.

The basic premis of the service industry works from similar structures- however we know that there are variations. So clients can customise their platforms to suit them and the way they work. e.g choice between hourly rate or job rate.

Our clients benefit grately from using the software and their customers do too! With up to date records of what service they've recieved, the ability to manage from their own online profiles, make secure payments, rate their service and more.

All business's build a history using Service box which they can make available to view to new potential clients. Its a win, win, win situation!


It is vital for workers to be able to record and track what has been done by who, where and when. This enables the owner to be in full control of their business at any given time. Because of the nature of the business, up until now it was very difficult to analyse performance in depth. - Service box will enable the owner to see exactly how the business is running e.g What members of staff have had the most days off, figure comparisons, highest paying clientelle etc.


The software will be made afforable too! - with revenue generated from a percentage from each sale the client makes through the software.


The main aim is to stregnthen existing companies and sole traders and  give a better chance of survival to new  and up and coming business'. There are thousands of sole traders, small medium and large cleaning service business' accross the UK and beyond - all needing to be brought into the 21st century. We aim to keep things affordable and be available to the masses.


Once establishing in the UK we will make available to the rest of Europe and then America.

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