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by Lucia Ramb in London, England, United Kingdom

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ServBetter helps people find wider and better choice of service and service providers,all in 1 place and supports local businesses get leads

by Lucia Ramb in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • Hire more talents
  • Online/Digital and Offline marketing
  • Expand to other countries 

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The Problem and the big issue

We all rely on Amazon or Ebay type platforms to look for our favourite products. However, we struggle to find a platform where all our important service needs are fulfilled. We all have that daunting experience of not finding the services that we really need at the right place, in the right time and for the right price. Today, a person spends at least 2-3 days for a service search, negotiate price and make a purchase. Safety and quality of service provider is another issue that we have to deal with at every step of our service search and delivery.

Personal and surrounding experience of this problem

Being an Argentinian/Italian I travel a lot, and for that I need different services like foreign exchange, pet care, car hire, hospitality, laundry etc. Also, as a professional who has worked in different companies, I have seen the struggle of fulfilling the immediate needs of services like design, financial, accounting, legal, marketing, office space or finding a right candidate for a position. This is the same for any person like me, who is trying to establish a start-up with limited resources and budget, but need different services at an affordable price. Similarly, many small service providers in London are finding it hard to generate leads and grow.

The general tendency of the cost and information conscious businesses and customers is to search for different types of service providers for their specific need, inquire and speak to all possible service sellers, compare prices and finally make an informed and a mindful purchase. And for the service providers, to have a single platform from where they can have a pipeline of opportunities and sales. 


''ServBetter is the perfect solution for that''....

ServBetter is a secure platform that connects service buyers with service providers all across the globe in 12 different categories and in more than 100 subcategories/services. It is a service based platform that has skilful and talented people who can be outsourced or contacted at the time of need. The platform provides ease for the buyers to find a list of ID and quality vetted service providers at the required time and in the specified price. Now you don’t have to waste your time running around the market to find the people for service based tasks. Instead, a quick short post on ServBetter can result in several quotes and you can decide the best option.


Our Mission

ServBetter’s mission is to help people getting connected. From people who are willing to pay for services and get help in their day to day short term tasks, to complicated or highly skilled projects. For those who need to earn some extra money in their free time and for  corporate business service providers. ServBetter also wants to help local service providers in getting paid for the work they love to do. If you are good at cleaning the garden, you can get paid for this task. Similarly, a person who loves to develop codes and apps can get a chance to do something out of the box and get paid and appreciated. 

The regular work routine does confine people in limitations, where passion of doing something that you love remains unfulfilled. ServBetter is for every person who loves to follow passion and want to do what they like to do. We welcome all types of freelancers, contractors and business sellers.


Whether the job is big or small, everyday tasks to unique customized tasks, you can now have people for any type of tasks. ServBetter is pioneer in providing services from so many varied vertices of businesses. Starting from simple home based tasks to complicated IT based software services. From getting an office space to searching a highly skilled pet trainer. ServBetter has service providers from all walks of life. We have a huge list of services such as plumbing, carpentry, painting, installation, cleaner, pet sitter, office mover, hair stylist, massage therapy, MOT, hall hire, caterer, decorator and what not.


ServBetter registers quality checked vetted sellers so that the transaction is smooth and secure for buyers. We secure the payment amount in escrow type system and funds are released to the sellers when the task is done, and the buyer is satisfied with the job well done. We also have wallet functionality for instant cash back. 

Once you post the task on ServBetter, you will start receiving bids from sellers and you can select the one which is most suitable after having a chat in our inbuilt chat system. ServBetter promotes open communication between sellers and buyers and maintains transparency in price. The feedback and reviews of the sellers give a good understanding of the seller’s abilities and are extremely helpful in making a good decision. 

How our Marketplace platform helps

  • Over 150 services to choose from at one place including Office property, Pet services and Doctors. - Simple, Wider and Better choice
  • Compare between different service sellers using trust signature, rating and review. - Flexibility and Trust
  • Compare prices and proposal for your service/job/project post from different service providers at the same time - Competitive and Affordable
  • Get the service delivered at your doorstep. - Convenience
  • Report or raise any issue at anytime. - Great Customer service

Our Vision

The vision of ServBetter is to become Amazon and Alibaba for services. We want to become the largest portal for serving people who are looking to purchase and provide any kind of services. And we have an amazing world class team coming from 5 different nationalities to work for this vision.


Our team has got experience working for start-ups and organisations like Microsoft, Duracell, H3G, Lavazza, TATA etc. We have a total of more than 80 years of international experience working in positions like project and operations management, business development, sales, product marketing, full stack developer, technology architect and account management. 

Achievements so far

The biggest achievement we received was the selection of our business plan and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the Virgin Group incubator.

With the support from our incredible team, Virgin Startup incubator and business mentor we have been able to create the final product by the end of 2019. 

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We have increased our business categories from 6 to 8 and to 11 presently, depending on the demands from the market/users. We are working to implement the ''Doctor and Dentist'' module, where people will be able to book GP/dentist with a tap and do their virtual or face to face consultation along with booking medical tests. 

We have registered more than 270 service providers in the timeframe of 2-3 months and its rapidly scaling. Very soon (from March2020) we will start to onboard service buyers.

We have developed Machine learning and A.I based behavioral engine that will continuously monitor the users choice and preference and recommend services depending on their core needs.


Our real strength lies in our core team and the experiences we bring. 

Our product is not just any other marketplace platform. We specifically focus on connecting people around services rather than products. 

We are a Total Integrated Marketplace Aggregator (TIMA), where customers can fulfil a broad range of service search and delivery. This platform is the first of its kind and we are proud to say that we are the biggest service marketplace in UK.  

Why invest in us

Your investment is gonna come back to you with more added values as service. Your support today will help us offer you great quality services from skilful service providers at the time of your need. In future, you don't need to search anymore service providers in Google and get their contacts and call them every time. Our product will bring all the services that you need, with your matched providers along with their price. You will have the full choice and flexibility to choose the providers from our single platform after chatting with them at the price that you want to pay.

We make your life easier and service search fun!   

Click "Watch now: An Introduction to Servbetter''

Use of your precious investment

With your support we are going to hire more talented people who will grow the business in different geographic locations around London and beyond. We will get individuals around customer services, partner success and development, technology and App developers and marketing. 

We will slowly and consciously increase our number of services in the platform. At the same time, we will work in a partner network for service providers, where we will treat every service seller as our partner and we will develop our dynamic partner network through our marketing efforts. So, investment will be mainly directed towards hiring the right people, maintaining the operational challenges and marketing the product/platform.

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