by Daniel symonds in Hatfield, England, United Kingdom

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10/10 gourmet burger & grill bar with the intention Of becoming a well known for our fine 100% organic hand made burgers

by Daniel symonds in Hatfield, England, United Kingdom

*buissness plan to be updated 

 Okay so my vision is the build a one-of-a-kind gourmet Burger and Grill bar served from a Americann styled catering trailer or like a American converted van I had a injury at work were I broke my shoulder,so I can no longer do Heavy duty tradework. I've always had a dream and a passion to open my own catering truck serving the best burgers and chicken around ,I've now got the qualification what I need to do currently on a princes trust business plan enterprise course,which I'm working very hard to complete with limited time ,I have start up menus ready, I'm perfecting and trying to get the business well known for our chicken and burgers fully organic produce 100% but I believe this will be a success and like I said aswell as a passion for the food , is been a dream of mine from. Young , it would be great to finally make it happen


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For every £200 donated to get us closer to our target we will give you a free meal meal as your reward . Choice of the menu plus a portion of what ever the special is that day

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£6,500 or more

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I am offering a share of my company working as a silent partner , you have%30 stake and 30% of all profits made for 48 months,if u can help with funds needed to get this buissness Up and running. Possibly a partnership could form in the future ,But for now this is a great opportunity and my Proposal is what it is,the competition is low there is typical low quality burger vans & typical breakfast stalls,and the cafe ain't no good either lol

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