Serengeti Spirits - Giraffe Gin Launch

by Alex Wright in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom


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Our majestic ‘Giraffe Gin’, thoroughly designed with our new and original ingredient combination; delivered straight to your doorstep!

by Alex Wright in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Longing for that new, exciting flavour to reignite your love for gin? Starting to miss the gleaming sun soothing your skin on a fresh summer’s day? 

We designed our first product in the Serengeti Spirits range, the Giraffe Gin, to help gin and alcohol lovers escape their gin monotony and discover their new favourite feel-good flavour. We designed it with a Burlington London dry containing 10 globally sourced botanicals, infused with mouth-watering mango & passion fruit extracts, hand-picked from the idyllic Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, Africa. 

Our vision

Serengeti Spirits' mission is to showcase to the world a spirit range that combines the incredible expertise of UK crafting with the spirited Tanzanian culture, basing the collection on the magnificent Serengeti big animals. We are a primarily family run business owned by Alex and his Tanzanian wife, Halima. Together, we wanted to produce a product that celebrated the birth of our firstborn daughter, Malaika-Salama. We believe that besides Walt Disney’s classic, the 'Lion King', not many people know of the beauty that Tanzania has to offer! 

What’s included?

For just £6.00 minimum, you will receive a small sample of ‘Baby Giraffe’ gin to get an exclusive taste of our beloved product, delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Alternatively, you can have a browse of our other rewards!

We promise you’ll receive an extraordinary combination of London’s finest and meticulously crafted gin with the zesty, passionate and mouth-watering fruits from Tanzania, simultaneously, all in one drink. 

So, although we obviously can’t physically bring back summer, we can at least help you manifest yourself relaxing, stress-free in serenity on the plains of the Serengeti and Tanzania, escaping the gloomy and rainy England as we head into Autumn. 

We can’t provide you with a plane ticket to Tanzania, but hey, at least we can emulate the experience as best as we can, for either just £6.00 for a sample or £35.00 for a bottle!


Our small ‘Baby Giraffe’ £6.00 sample bottles are a limited, first-time launch offer to provide you with the opportunity to help a small business like us take off. However, it’ll only be available until the proposed launch date of the gin on the 1st of October, so make sure to order now before you miss the opportunity!

Next steps/delivery

Just choose your product on the right-hand sidebar and follow the instructions!

For further information about our brand and vision, please visit our website and follow us on our social media pages:


Thank you

We appreciate it is a difficult time at the moment, so it would be incredible to hit our target. But if we don't, we will keep striving for the company to reach its maximum potential. So, as the famous Swahili saying goes..... 'Hakuna Matata'!

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