Sentence - Tv Pilot

Project by Tom Savage

We're aiming to raise £3000 to shoot, edit and produce a pilot episode of comedy show 'Sentence'

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £985 with 29 supporters in 56 days

Sentence is about a young wannabe writer, Simon Shaw, who will go to any lengths to maintain his cushy lifestyle and finish his first novel, except for sitting down and writing it. Simon has been supported by his parents since he graduated from University.  However, to his horror Simon finds out his parents plan to cut him off in six months, unless he can get something published. After learning of a famous novelist who wrote a book in Prison, Simon decides his only chance is to get sent to a minimum security prison, where he can spend his days writing, with three meals a day and some light exercise.

 Simon meets Yusef, an old jailbird who is trying  to rebuild relationships with his family. Yusef agrees to help Simon get arrested mainly to have someone to hang out with. Each episode focuses on a different crime and Simon’s ineptitude to be able to commit the chosen crime and get arrested. Yusef struggles between helping Simon, as agreed, and sabotaging him to maintain Simon’s liberty.

 Another thorn in Simon’s side is that he has a huge crush on PC Sasha Hamzi the local officer on the beat, and although he wants to get arrested, he doesn’t want to get arrested by her. 

We've got a fantastic cast; Danny Steel, from Cold Callers and Kaleidoscope Man, as the lead Simon Shaw and Robbie Telfer, from Mrs. Brown's Boys and Outlander as Yusef With many more exciting cast annoucements to be made soon! Directing we've got the fabulous director of 'Cold Callers' Richard Whitby from Funky Sputnik Productions  along with Alice Kornitzer as Assistant Director.


Simon - Danny Steel

Yusef - Robbie Telfer


Sasha - Lois Winstone

Image result for lois winstone
Bobby - Lara De Belder
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