Sensory Integration Therapy for Reuben

by kpellow87 in Helston, Cornwall, England

Sensory Integration Therapy for Reuben
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To raise much needed funds for my son's assessment and sensory intergration therapy.

by kpellow87 in Helston, Cornwall, England

Hi everyone.

Thank you for reading and supporting in your way. 

My son Reuben,  is 8 and has struggled massively throughout his school life. He is what is termed as 'Neurodiverse' and has been diagnosed with:

* Autism

*Sensory Processing Disorder

* Dyslexia

*Pathological Demand Avoidance Disorder

* ADHD traits

* Probable Dyspraxia

He is a bright, beautiful, sensitive, kind boy capable of so much. I am grateful for the NHS but there is no much waiting, fighting, over-stretched resources that we seem to have exhausted when it comes to his Sensory Processing Disorder. 

In a nutshell this means that for the neurotypical amongst us we are able to organise and prioritise the information our senses give us; whether it be touch, taste, hear, see, smell...there are also two 'hidden' senses known as 'Vestibular' and 'Priopreception'.   Huge words that basically mean the movement of your body, your sense of gravity, body awareness and where you are in 'space'. 

My son, is not able to organise and prioritise these messages in his brain....think of dodgem cars! So I might be talking to him but all he can focus on is the 'whirring noise' of the lights. I know what you're thinking..the noise of the lights?! That's the other thing about this disorder, it confuses senses! 

I can't even think of the words to describe just how debilitating this is to him. When he goes into a classroom,  supermarket, a busy street it's a huge assault on all of his senses at a car pile up.  The lights are too bright, voices too loud, it's too busy for him to filter what he needs to actually listen to, his focus goes, he becomes disorientated, then incredibly anxious and finally will shut down, meltdown or close off completely. 

Consider the things that you and I take for granted. My son can't even sit on a classroom chair properly. Why? It isn't because he's naughty or pushing the teacher! It's because his priopreceptive sense is undersensitive and his brain doesn't register the 'feel' of a chair underneath his bottom. Therefore he seeks constant movement, a 'louder' message to his brain so he knows and is reassured of where his body is in that space and that he is safe. 

If it sounds complicated and tiresome to you just think how it is for my little boy who struggles to understand and control his own body. Then think of a brilliant brain trapped inside this body that doesn't much want to co-operate. No wonder he is anxious and struggling. When that anxiety takes over it can be a struggle to even get him to leave the house on the very worst days.

I would like to fund therapy that is NOT available on the NHS. The £500 would get him assessed very throughly by a private Occupational Therapist who will set goals for Reuben to achieve over the coming months, work closely with school to finally begin realising some of that potential that's in thereand providing physical therapy for him in her specialised clinic. 

He is my son, there's no reason why you should help him or me. There's millions of people needing funding, there's millions of people worse off. However, please know that I am a single parent/carer who works tirelessly for my children and I have fought for and exhausted so many resources. I now help other parents in their fights for their special needs children. It's my turn to ask for help; all his school life I have battled to get him what he needs. Unless you have been there you wouldn't know the fight and frustration involved. I am aware he is growing older and needs that input desperately for there to be a hope of him transitioning to secondary school. I just want a brave, hard-working little boy to succeed in the world as a healthy functioning adult. It's a journey of a thousand miles and it starts with this step. 

Whatever you  can give is HUGELY appreciated.

Thank you so much for even reading xxx

Kirsty and Reuben xxx

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