Sensory Caravan

Sensory Caravan

 We would like to renovate a vintage caravan and turn it into a sensory den that can visit schools, charities and families.

We did it!

On 21st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £321 with 21 supporters in 28 days


There are many children that struggle on a daily basis whether it's because they have a difficulty and are struggling at school or because their families have been suffering the terrible poverty.

I am only too aware of the problems families face, I myself have experienced many, as a child I was very isolated as a result of not being able to hear very well and also having ADD did not make things any easier, I was very lucky to have my own room but many do not.

Some have nowhere to go for sanctuary and are unable to communicate in a conventional way, we take being able to talk for granted, there are many that cannot until it's too late, do you know what it is like to watch a 10 year old child having a meltdown?

What about children that are so anxious that they cannot leave the house, we firmly believe that there is always a way and if that means taking the sensory caravan to homes and schools then that is what we will do.

The sensory caravan will be a fun and therapeutic environment that can go anywhere in the UK. This funding will enable us to create calm out of chaos, it will be a place where children with sensory processing disorder can play and get the stimuli they need, it will also be a place where children can express themselves through play.

There will be lights, toys, music and soft furnishings that will create effectively a hug in a caravan form. 

1% of the population in the UK have Autism, we need to not only raise awareness but also provide a space of calm and safety, there really are not nearly enough spaces in the UK to satisfy demand.

Monday to Friday this little van will be a therapy van, help us to make this campaign a reality by pledging today.



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