Sensory Bus for Autistic Children and Young People

by Grampian Autistic Society in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom


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To transform an everyday double decker bus into a sensory wonderland to support Autistic children and young people in Aberdeenshire.

by Grampian Autistic Society in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Significant changes in funding criteria mean many children and young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) are no longer receiving the support they need.  We need your help to change their lives and give them the help they deserve.

Every penny raised here will be used to convert a double decker bus into a multi-sensory wonderland to support children with ASCs who live in the North East of Scotland.  

Making friends is an important right and part of every child’s growing up, helping them to develop socially and emotionally whilst boosting their self-esteem and confidence.  But developing friendships for children with an ASC is an all too often frightening and confusing experience with the majority facing a huge struggle to interact socially and communicate effectively.  Viewed as different, socially awkward or weird, the challenges and stigma they face can often lead to social rejection, immense loneliness, anxiety and depression. 

Children with ASCs often have a disparate sensory system where one or more senses are either over or under reactive to stimulation.  Such sensory differences are typically the underlying reason for behaviours like rocking, spinning and hand-flapping and can be the root cause of contrasts in development, information processing and general behaviour. 

Our Sensory Bus will provide a variety of sensory stimulation which will activate the senses in a safe, controlled environment, helping the children to relax, focus and regulate.   Our specialist team are then able to work with them to develop social learning skills like planning, negotiating and sharing - further developing their gross motor skills and stimulating their brains.


The Sensory Bus will enable us to take our support services to children and young people throughout the North East of Scotland, many of whom will never have had the opportunity to experience this type of sensory environment.  

The Sensory Bus will support our specialist staff to provide children and young people with ASCs with the vital skills and coping strategies they need to help them grow into adults who are able to fulfil their full potential.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Sensory Bus Project so far.  Just a little more will get our bus moving... 


Grampian Autistic Society has been supporting children and young people in the North East of Scotland with Autism Spectrum Conditions for over thirty years and is the first specialised support provider in the area.   We run various support schemes such as specialised one-to-one support, playschemes to help develop children’s social and communication skills, an employment service to help with completing CVs, practising interview skills and finding suitable employment and training sessions for various people including parents, members of the public, people with ASCs and local employers.   

‘Let’s get the wheels on our Sensory Bus going round and round‘

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