Sensory Bedroom

Sensory Bedroom

We are hoping to raise funds towards a sensory bedroom for 12 year old Hope

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is Hope. Hope is my 12 year old daughter, diagnosed with ASD, and ADHD with suspected pathological demand avoidance. Hope has never had her own bedroom before, she has always had to share with her sister who is a year younger than her. Hope has many sensory issues and anxieties. Touch, Hope is very sensitive to certain fabrics. Taste, Hope enjoys a varied diet, but her anxieties cause some issues with her eating, Sound, Hope really struggles with the low level, every day noises which dont bother the rest of us, the sound of people chattering, or of scraping chairs, clattering pans etc.

We now have a bedroom spare so we can give Hope her own room, and we have been working hard to decorate it for her. She is having unicorn wallpaper on one wall, and the other walls will be painted in pastel shades of mint green, lilac and peach. We have also bought a new carpet and some lovely thick underlay to help with minimising the noises that Hope struggles so much with, but now we have run out of funds to buy her lovely new bed, and white furniture, sensory toys and lighting and pretty decorations to turn her room into a lovely calming, sensory haven.

This is where you come in, please donate, even if its only £1, to help make Hope's world an easier place for her to live in.