Sensor-Physics R&D in Medical Devices IoT-AI-ML

by Bhimji Patel in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

Sensor-Physics R&D in Medical Devices IoT-AI-ML


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Advanced IoT and AI/ML technologies from AWS and Google are ubiquitous. We fill the gap in Sensor-Physics R&D for Medical/Bio-Tech Community

by Bhimji Patel in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

IoT data from Medical and Bio-Technology sensors (Wearable/implanted nano-devices) can be sent to AWS/Google cloud for AI/ML Healthcare predictions/diagnosis. To facilitate Last-Mile hurdles, Sensor-Physics R&D is needed for safety and precision, because the AI/ML diagnosis precision is proportional to sensor-signal precision. 

We already use ubiquitous cloud technologies for AI/ML, and Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, ESP32 for local data-processing, but we need more R&D in Sensor-Physics e.g. Healthcare-grade adhesive for wearables, implantable nano-devices with embedded RTOS (Real-Time Operating System, e.g. Linux). 

Funding could help to establish Training centre and Learning environment for our researchers and volunteers in R&D Processes. (including R&D related to Covid-19)

Let's make 'Sensor-Physics R&D in Medical Devices IoT-AI-ML' happen

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