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Sense Of Intelligence

Our Mission is to create a welfare-enhancing technology, smart devices utilizing sensor technology in clothes.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 97 days


"I would like my dog to live a happy life. A life without fear, stress or pain. And in order to do that, I need to understand my dog welfare. I wanted to know when my dog is feeling Joy, Sadness, Fear, Agression and so on. And I wanted to understand these emotions and behaviors. Thats why I built Sense of Intelligence."


"It helps you understand your dog activity in different situations. This is a device that the dog is wearing. And it is tracking a lot of things, from your dog’s activities, heart rate and location. And it sends this data to your phone, where the application analyzes it and shows it to you in a way you can understand it."



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