Sens8tional Kids Wellbeing Workshops

by Sens8tional CIC in Clara Vale, Tyne & Wear, England

Sens8tional Kids Wellbeing Workshops

To offer workshops for primary age children which will equip them with skills to support self-regulation and nurture emotional wellbeing

by Sens8tional CIC in Clara Vale, Tyne & Wear, England


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According to the UK’s leading children’s mental health charity, YoungMinds, 1 in 3 children in every classroom have a mental health issue (2018). 1 in 6 children have sensory processing challenges sufficient to disrupt their social, emotional and academic learning (Ben-Sasson et al, 2009). This affects their everyday lives, leading to increased levels of anxiety.

Addressing sensory processing challenges at the earliest opportunity may help to prevent longer term mental health issues, increase quality of life and ensure children have the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability. Sens8tional CIC is passionate about raising awareness and providing support for sensory needs.  We believe that knowing why we feel a particular way, and being able to respond effectively, is paramount to achieving positive emotional wellbeing and unlocking potential.

We have personal experience in managing sensory needs in children. We have seen first-hand how a child’s life improves when they develop self-awareness, an understanding of how their bodies and minds respond to stimulus and the tools to build their own self-regulation strategies. These skills offer the building blocks required to improve their overall quality of life. When children understand that we are all unique and we can all be successful in overcoming barriers, they will feel confident in putting the right tools in place to unlocking their true potential.

Our project ‘Sens8tional Kids’ will offer a series of workshops for children which will equip them with skills to support self-regulation and nurture their emotional wellbeing. The sessions will support children to:

  • Explore the 8 senses
  • Understand how sensory information is processed
  • Learn how our ability to process sensory information impacts on how we feel.
  • Identify when we are feeling worried, stressed or running high or low.
  • Find strategies that help us feel calm and ready to be the best that we can be.

All funds raised would be used to offer these workshops to primary aged children in the North East. We will deliver the workshops to whole classes during the school day, to ensure all children benefit. The weekly sessions will last an hour and will be delivered as part of a 6-week block. The children will develop an awareness of their own minds and bodies and what they need when they are feeling worried stressed or running high or low. By the end of the block they will possess a toolbox of personal strategies to support self-regulation.

Our work seeks to ensure children develop a level of self-awareness and self-belief that will help them be the best that they can be. In a world where all children experience increasingly busy and hectic lives, as well as increasing academic pressures, the ability to recognise when they feel worried or stressed is more important than ever.

The children would benefit by gaining the necessary skills to help promote healthy and positive emotional wellbeing and longer term positive mental health.

We are a team who are passionate about making a real difference. We believe that if children understand how to address what their minds and bodies need when they need it, they will have the requisite tools to remain calm and regulated in all environments. Our work is evidence based and will provide positive outcomes for children. Help us to help our children to be the best they can be. #BeSens8tional

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